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This Cinnamon Sugar Hand Scrub Smells Delicious

This cinnamon sugar hand scrub recipe smells like delicious baked goods! Make your hands soft and is perfect for a gift idea. So easy.

Sills Required: None. If you’ve never made anything before, you can still achieve success with this DIY hand scrub. All you’ll be doing is mixing basic baking materials together.

Cinnamon Sugar Hand Scrub

The holidays are months away, but in the world of handmade we get to start thinking about gifts early. It takes time to figure out what you’re making, then you actually have to execute . . . you know what I mean.

This hand scrub recipe is one of those ideas I want you to bookmark now and tuck away for the holidays. It’s cinnamon sugar, my friends. That means it smells delicious and everyone will love it.

If you’ve never heard of this amazing beauty product, you’re in for a treat. Cinnamon sugar hand scrub is a simple and natural way to exfoliate and hydrate your hands, leaving them feeling soft and smooth. And the best part? You probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now.

It also makes a perfect hostess gift idea. I find myself always bringing little hostess gifts to friends, but I don’t have the wallet to go crazy, so this works great.

This hand scrub is something they’ll love and at the same time, I won’t break the bank! It reminds me of fall (cinnamon always does) but it also reminds me of cookie baking during the holidays. I just love it!

cinnamon body scrub

Before we dive into the recipe, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of using a hand scrub. Our hands are exposed to harsh elements every day, from cold weather to washing dishes and doing laundry. This can lead to dryness and cracking.

Regularly exfoliating your hands can help remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal, leaving your hands looking and feeling healthy and youthful!

Now, let’s talk about the star ingredient in our sugar hand scrub: cinnamon. Not only does cinnamon have a lovely scent, it also has a range of benefits for our skin. It’s is rich in antioxidants, which can help fight free radicals and prevent premature aging.

Cinnamon also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce redness and swelling. And last but not least, it also as antibacterial effects (who knew?).

But what about the other ingredients?

Sugar is a gentle exfoliant that can help remove dead skin cells without irritating skin. It also contains glycolic acid, which can help stimulate cell turnover and promote collagen production.

Oil, on the other hand, can help moisturize and protect your skin, keeping it soft and supple. So simple, yet so effective. Sometimes the best things are the most basic!

My guess is you’re ready to make this, so first, here’s what you’re going to need to gather. You can easily double or triple it.


  • 1/4 C light brown sugar
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 T coconut oil

Here’s how you’ll use this hand scrub:

  1. Wet hands.
  2. Scoop out about 1 T of hand scrub.
  3. Gently rub hands together for about 15-25 seconds. Rinse.
  4. There should be oil left on your hands after you rinse. Rub in and allow to air dry.

Divide between 1.5-ounce or 4-ounce mason jars depending on how much you want to gift.

Scoop of cinnamon sugar hand scrub sitting on a table

Now that I think about it, these would make great stocking stuffers too! And of course, don’t be afraid to make a big ol’ batch of this hand scrub for yourself.

sugar scrub for hands

Get the printable recipe for this scrub below. Let me know how it turns out in the comments!

Yield: 2.4 ounces

Sugar Hand Scrub

sugar scrub for hands

Learn how to make this sugar hand scrub recipe with basic materials from your kitchen cabinet! This DIY scrub is perfect for gifts.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • ¼ C light brown sugar
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 ½ Tbs coconut oil


  • Medium-sized bowl
  • Spoon
  • Air tight container


  1. In a medium-sized bowl, add the dry ingredients.
  2. Add the wet ingredients and use a fork to stir. The resulting mixture should look and feel like wet sand.Adding the wet ingredients to a bowl
  3. Add to airtight container(s) and use within a week or two, or place it in the fridge if you'd like it to last for longer.


To Use:

  • Wet hands.
  • Scoop out about 1 T of hand scrub.
  • Gently rub hands together for about 15 - 25 seconds. Rinse.
  • Rub in oil and let hands air dry.
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    Monday 16th of October 2023

    I LOVE this scrub. It smells amazing and it leaves my hands really smooth. I don’t mind that the shelf life is short. I just make another batch. When I give it as a gift, I make it up that morning and tell the recipient to use it pronto! No complaints so far 😏 Thanks for some amazing recipes.


    Monday 16th of October 2023

    I'm wondering if it would last longer. If you ever want to try it, let me know the results!


    Friday 20th of April 2018

    I was intrigued by this "gift". However, I was put off by the admonition to use it within a week. I want something that last longer than that.

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