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Hand Sewn Pencil Case in Minutes (Easy DIY)

Don’t know how to use a sewing machine? It’s okay! Make a hand sewn pencil case with a few supplies in under 10 minutes. It’s REALLY easy and anyone can do it!

Make a cute pencil case in ten minutes - you don't need a sewing machine!

Can you believe it’s already time to start talking about back to school crafts? If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make a pencil case, I’ve got the project for you!

My name is Vanessa from Tried & True and I’m here to show you how to make a hand sewn pencil case in under 10 minutes with only a couple of supplies.

DIY Felt Pencil Case


1. Print out the Free Easy Pencil Case Pattern and use it to cut wool felt.

Easy Pencil Case - Cut pattern

2. Hand sew buttons on the designated spots.

Easy Pencil Case - Sew buttons

3. Cut out the holes designated on the template with either a 1/4″ strong hole punch or by hand.

Easy Pencil Case - Hole punch

4. Fold flaps in and button in place. Tada! So super easy, right?

Easy Pencil Case - Button

Thanks for letting me share this Easy Pencil Case with you all! Feel free to stop by Tried & True for more time-tested Back-to-School tutorials and recipes like these: Fish Backpack, Trilingual Number Cards, and Montessori Sandpaper Letters.

Make a cute pencil case in ten minutes - you don't need a sewing machine!

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