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Eco-Chic: 20+ Twig Crafts for Sustainable Style

Try these twig crafts that both kids and adults can make! Get great ideas for decor, holiday, and more. These are perfect for beginners.

Twig Crafts for Sustainable Style

I was rooting around in my front yard the other day and noticing something. We have a landscaping crew as part of the HOA in our neighborhood, and they just recently trimmed the bushes and trees.

What I noticed is that although trimming was done – there were two things out of place. First, they didn’t trim my Japanese maple . . . and second, they left all the trimmings behind!

I started collecting everything to leave them a pile in a corner of the front yard, which they are good about picking up whenever I do it. I also started trimming the maple and adding to the pile.

IT WAS THEN that I realized . . . I might not want to throw all of the refuse into a pile for the landscapers. There are some good twigs and branches here that I can do something with! Cause I love nature crafts.

And such is the life of a crafter. We probably keep things we shouldn’t. And then one day, 15 years down the road when we are organizing our craft supplies, we find those twigs.

“What was I keeping these for again?” you say to yourself.

The great news is that you’re not going to end up in that situation, because I have some twig crafts for you to do. And you can do them now, before you end up shoving the sticks into your stash for down the road.

The twigs I collected are pretty long and I’m going to make a painted stick bouquet (#8 in the list below). I’m letting them dry out a little bit now, then I’m going to paint them. I’m very excited!

If you’re interested in trying some crafts with twigs, I’d love for you to check out the list below. Then let me know which is your favorite in the comments!

Or if I’m missing something that you’ve made with sticks, let me know that too. Enjoy.

Twig Crafts

If you like working with natural materials, you're going to enjoy these craft ideas with twigs! Not only are they free, but they work with a variety of decor.

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Wednesday 26th of October 2022

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