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Monster Crafts: Freakishly Fun Ideas for Kids & Adults

From charming creatures to googly-eyed friends, this collection of monster crafts will bring a dose of whimsy to your Halloween crafting!

Monster Crafts - Halloween Fun for Kids and Adults

I love Halloween, and that means I’m all in for Halloween decor and crafts. Today, I’m going to continue my series of Halloween theme ideas. What do I mean? Having a theme each year can make Halloween even more memorable for your kids.

You can make your decorations follow the theme, and even have your costumes be theme related! The best part is that you can rotate through 3-5 different themes annually, ensuring that your Halloween decor always feels refreshingly new.

Previously, I’ve written about skeletons, ghosts, and mummies. This year, I have my heart set on monsters! Since they aren’t real, you can let your creativity run wild. Want six eyes? Sounds good! Four arms? Totally doable!

The world of monster crafts offers endless possibilities. Plus, monsters can be fun and colorful or as spooky as you like.

Now, don’t worry. This list is monster-friendly—no scary ones here! Just cuddly creatures and quirky characters! Scroll down for a series of monster crafts and a big Halloween dose of fun.

Monster Crafts

Get over 30+ monster craft ideas for kids (and some older kids and adults), perfect for not just Halloween but any time of year!

What did you think of these monster crafts? I’d love to hear which one is your favorite in the comments! I’d also love for you to visit the following kids’ craft collections for the season:

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