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20+ Mummy Crafts for Kids This Halloween!

Get your little ones ‘wrapped up’ in Halloween with this collection of 20+ fun mummy crafts for kids. These are easy and budget friendly! There are ideas for children of all ages – toddlers, preschool, and elementary age.

Mummy crafts for kids

As Halloween gets closer, you may be looking for some fun, spooky crafts to entertain your kids. Having a theme each year can make Halloween even more memorable for your kids.

One year you could do crafts and treats related to Jack-O’-Lanterns and the next year could be all about skeletons! You could even decorate the house by following your yearly theme.

How about trying a mummy theme this year? Mummies are Halloween characters that I can definitely get behind! Though they do walk a little slowly. BUT they aren’t complicated since they’re just wrapped in gauze . . . which makes these projects pretty easy even if your child has never crafted before.

I’ve found some of the best mummy crafts for kids on the internet and collected them in this list for you! They’re cute. They’re unique. They’re perfect for Halloween activities.

Gather your white paper, yarn, gauze and googly eyes for these fun Halloween crafts your little ones will love! Take a peek at the ideas in the list below.

Mummy Crafts for Kids

If you're looking for some cute Halloween crafts that children are going to love? Try these mummy craft ideas. Kids are going to love these projects, and they're great for littles of all ages.

Let me know what you think about these projects in the comments. Which was your kid’s favorite? If you liked these mummy craft ideas, you will definitely enjoy these other Halloween crafts that littles are going to love: