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Moon Crafts to Celebrate the Lunar Landing

Celebrate the anniversary of the lunar landing with these 20 moon crafts for kids! So fun and easy to do – and definitely out of this world.

20 moon crafts for kids

July 20th, 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing! At 4:18 EDT, Eagle (the lunar module) touched down on the surface of the moon after separating from the Columbia Space Shuttle. Neil Armstrong reported “the Eagle has landed.”

The story of the first lunar landing fascinates me. As an adult, I understand how it works – but it still doesn’t make sense in my head. How are we able to blast from the Earth and go into space . . . to the moon?

Understanding space seems even more magical when you’re a child. To think of a big universe out there is thrilling and overwhelming! It’s fun to read about, fun to study – and fun to craft.

Moon Craft Ideas

To celebrate the first journey to the moon, I’ve put together a collection of moon activities for kids that I think you’re going to love. And I think your littles will love them too, of course. These are great ideas that you can both do together!

And while you are trying these projects, it would be fun to talk to your children about the lunar landing, and what it must be like to be on the surface of the moon. And what it must be like to fly in a spaceship, so many miles, to reach out space!

Keep reading to get all of the ideas.

Moon Crafts

These moon craft ideas for kids are so fun and unique! Celebrate the lunar landing or teach kids all about the solar system with one of these fun activities.

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Saturday 3rd of August 2019

This is creativity at it's peak. I think the kids will find a lot of fun making these. Thank you for sharing.