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Killer Shark Crafts for Kids to Celebrate Shark Week

Celebrate Shark Week with your children by doing one of these easy shark crafts – they’ll provide hours of fun and play! Great for all ages.

Killer Shark Crafts to Celebrate Shark Week

Have you heard of Shark Week? It’s a special week on the Discovery Channel where all of the featured programming is mainly factual based about (you guessed it) sharks. If you don’t know anything about these sea murderers, I mean creatures, the shows are pretty amazing.

And truthfully, sharks aren’t the violent human killers that we think they are. How do I know? Well, by watching tons of documentaries about them, of course! Yep, I get sucked into the shows too.

If you haven’t seen any Shark Week shows tune into the Discovery Channel, and include your kids. They will be intrigued! Then continue the fun afterward with one of these 25+ shark crafts.

You’ll have a blast watching the programs and then crafting together. Just scroll down to see all of the great ideas. Happy Shark Week!

Shark Crafts

Celebrate Shark Week with your children by doing one of these easy shark craft ideas - they'll provide hours of fun and play! Over 25 crafts and activities great for all ages.

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