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Bird Crafts for Kids: Creative Ideas for Feathered Fun

Here are 30+ easy and fun bird crafts that kids will enjoy making. These crafts are perfect for rainy days, school projects, or just a fun afternoon activity!

Bird Crafts You Kids Will Enjoy Making

Children love birds because of their beautiful colors, unique voices, and interesting habits. They are curious about these cute creatures that fly in the sky, nest in trees, and sing sweet songs. Bird-themed crafts are a great way to introduce kids to the fascinating world of birds while indulging in some fun and creative activities.

Fun facts about birds

Before we get to the crafts, here are some facts about birds that kids will find fun:

  • There are around 10,000 species of birds in the world! How many can you name?
  • Scientists believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs.
  • Birds don’t have teeth. They swallow their food whole!
  • The smallest bird is the bee hummingbird. It is around 2″ long. Grab a ruler and check out how small that is!
  • The bald eagle has the largest tree nest. It is about 9.5 feet in length. Lay down on the ground to see how your height compares to the size of an eagle’s nest.
  • Flamingos pair off into couples that stay together for life. Some have been together over 50 years!

If your children are interested, here are more facts about birds.

Now to the bird crafts! These crafts will not only entertain your children but also help them develop fine motor skills, critical thinking, imagination, and creativity. Here are some bird-themed crafts your kids can enjoy:

Bird Crafts

Here are over 30 fun bird crafts that kids will enjoy. They will be exposed to various types of birds so they can learn about the differences!

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