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Giraffe Crafts: 25+ Super Fun Ideas for Kids

Learn about giraffes and their natural African habitat with these fun crafts and activities. Children will create puzzles, puppets, artwork and even party favors with these 25+ giraffe crafts for kids!

Super fun giraffe crafts for kids

Giraffe crafts are great for learning about zoo animals, safaris, the letter G, or just for a fun everyday animal activity. Before we get to the crafts, here are some facts about giraffes that your kids will find fun:

  1. The giraffe has its own day of celebration! June 21st is World Giraffe Day. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your own day?
  2. The giraffe has a long neck so it can reach leaves to eat. However, the neck is too short to reach their mouth to the ground! They have to kneel down to drink water.
  3. They eat around 75 pounds of food a day and spend most of their day eating!
  4. People used to think that giraffes were a combination of a camel and a leopard and they called it a camel-leopard. Makes sense, doesn’t it?
  5. Giraffes only need 5-30 minutes of sleep each day! Their naps are only a minute long. Wouldn’t that be a great nap?

You can get more fun facts about giraffes here.

Now let’s get to some fun crafts and activities! Check out the cute giraffe crafts I found below…

Giraffe Crafts

Here you can find over 25 giraffe crafts and activities for kids. They'll learn about the animal and its natural habitat.

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