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Newspaper Crafts for Adults: 25+ Creative Upcycle Ideas

EXTRA EXTRA! Do you have extra newspapers piled in your home? Read all about how you can upcycle them with these 25+ creative newspaper crafts for adults.

Newspaper Crafts - Creative Upcycle Ideas for Adults

If you have a newspaper subscription, you know how quickly they can pile up in your recycling bin. Why not give them new life in a craft?

What crafts can you make with newspaper?

Obviously, you can make paper crafts substituting newspaper for the craft, scrapbook, or origami paper. However, there are so many things you can do with newspaper! You can:

That is just a small list of the ways you can use newspaper in projects. Scroll down and check out this list I’ve made with over 25 newspaper crafts for adults. Let me know your favorite in the comments!

Crafts with Newspaper

EXTRA EXTRA! Read all about these 25+ creative newspaper crafts for adults.

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