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Unique Recycled Denim Ideas That Are Super Cool

Instead of throwing them in a thrift store pile, give your favorite pair of worn jeans a second life with these recycled denim ideas!

recycled denim projects 25 unique ideas

Have you ever worn out a pair of old jeans? Because I have. And let me tell you where the denim fails first on me . . . in the lower bum and then also between the legs. The portion that rubs together when you walk.

I’m one of those people that will patch things together as long as possible. I had an L.L. Bean sweater in high school that got several tears and I turned it into what I affectionately called “Franken-sweater.” And I wore it proudly.

When my jeans have crapped out, I’ve tried patching them on the inner thighs. Depending on how big the holes are, it may or may not be comfortable.

Sometimes it feels awkward to have an extra patch in that area, so sometimes patching isn’t the solution I’m necessarily looking for.

Which leads me to the entire point of this post.

Sometimes you have a perfectly good pair of jeans that are worn out in a specific area that you can’t fix. And I know I’m not the only one – the Goodwill is loaded with racks of denim in various stages of style and condition.

When the rest of the denim is good, what should you do? I think it’s time to use that jean material in a recycled denim project.

Basically, don’t throw those old jeans away! They can be turned into something very useful so that your favorite pair of pants doesn’t go to waste.

The next time you tear a hole in the knee of your jeans, salvage them and turn it into something beautiful with these 25 recycled denim ideas. Scroll down to get the inspiration!

Recycled Denim Ideas

Don't let your old jeans go to waste! Make them into something really unique with these 25 recycled denim ideas. You won't believe the creativity in this list!

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