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Free Knitted Hat Patterns to Keep Your Melon Warm

Learning how to make a hat is one of the basics of knitting! Here are 12 free knitted hat patterns to get you started – and to keep your head warm.

12 free knitted hat patterns

I’ve been knitting for almost 30 years now. I might be dating myself, but I’ll just tell you – I learned when I was 15 years old! My mom taught me to cast on and I learned the rest.

I practiced on scarves, but once I was done with large, flat rectangles, I moved on to hats. And with the way the weather has been around the country lately, knitting a hat is just the thing to do these days.

Free Knitted Hat Patterns

Not only do they keep your head warm, but they make great gifts. Use a chunky yarn and they work up that much more quickly. If you want some free patterns for knitted hats, I’ve gathered twelve I really love. Scroll down to see them!

Newsboy Cap knitted hat pattern

Newsboy Cap

If you want a knitted hat but the added benefit of a cute brim, this is your pattern.

Get the pattern at Ravelry


Bubble Hat

This pattern makes unique bubbles that look good in both patterned and solid color yarns.

Get the pattern at Ravelry


Slouchy Beanie

You definitely need a rainbow yarn to get the full effect of this oversized hat with a pom pom.

Get the pattern at Ravelry


Diamond Waves

This pattern reminds me of 70s skiing caps – and would be good for men or women.

Get the pattern at KMCL


Cute Bow

What makes this hat is the mini i-cord bow and button you add at the end.

Get the pattern at Nuckin’ Futs Knitter


Chunky Cable

Cables are much easier than you think, and this hat works up quickly.

Get the pattern at Lula Louise


Ear Flaps

If you live in a really cold area, this might be the pattern for you – the ear flaps will keep you extra warm.

Get the pattern at Gina Michelle


Moose Isle

I’ve always wanted to try fair isle, and I think this hat is the perfect pattern to do it with.

Get the pattern at Resq Crafts


Double Poms

This pattern with the double pom poms is definitely going to get you noticed – and in a good way.

Get the pattern at Gina Michele


Drawstring Beret

This hat is cool because you tie it up at the end with six individual i-cords that you knit.

Get the pattern at I Always Pick the Thimble


Ear Hats

This awesome pattern gives you everything you need in a silly hat – including stripes and ears.

Get the pattern at The Work is Getting to Me


Simple Ribbed

If you want a simple ribbed hat that works up quickly, this is your pattern.

Get the pattern at Florrie Marie

Which of these free knitted hat patterns is your favorite? I’d love to know in the comments!

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