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Baby Yoda Perler Beads (10+ Free Patterns!)

Get over 10 patterns for Baby Yoda perler beads! There are a variety of Mandalorian pattern options for kids and adults of all crafting skill levels.

Baby yoda perler beads

Have you seen The Mandalorian yet? Of course you have. There have been two seasons, and season three is coming out in March, and you can’t wait for it. Because you love Star Wars, just like I do.

But here’s the thing. I haven’t even seen one episode.

I know, I know. Right now you’re wondering if I’m even truly a Star Wars fan. And it’s a fair question. And I can tell you that I don’t have Disney+, but you’ll still tell me there’s no excuse. I totally agree!

So I promise to get on that.

Having said that, I do know that the premise of the show is a story that picks up about five years after Return of the Jedi.

A lone Mandalorian bounty hunter named Din Djarin is hanging out in the galaxy after the Empire has fallen.

Hired by the last of the Imperial Forces, Din goes to get Baby Yoda (also known as The Child or Grogu).

Instead of bringing the child back, they go on the run to protect the lil’ mini green guy.


My niece loves The Mandalorian, so she’s updated me on everything (without spoilers, of course).

And because we love perler beads and recently tried a bunch of Star Wars perler bead patterns . . . we decided to try some Baby Yoda perler beads too!

Of course we incorporated some Mandalorian perler patterns as well. And I’m excited to share them with you today! There are several on my list, and they’re all free for you to try.

Perler beads are recommended for ages six and up, so this is a very fun craft to try with kids.

They love perler beads (also known as hama beads, fuse beads, or melty beads). But don’t be shy – adults love them too!

Now if you’re ready for the Baby Yoda perler beads, here are the patterns.

Baby Yoda Hama Beads

Note: A few of these patterns are larger than a 29 x 29 pegboard, so you’ll either need a extra large pegboard (49 x 69 tall) or to put four square pegboards together (or two depending on how wide the pattern is).

The patterns below use a regular 5.7″, 29 x 29 pegboard.

Yoda Head and Small Spaceship

These patterns use 61 white, 96 light green, 66 medium green, 26 pink, 25 black, 17 dark gray, 11 medium gray, and 62 light gray beads.

mandalorian hama beads

Two Mini Versions

Uses 165 medium green, 24 black, 14 dark green, 39 dark brown, 68 tan, 2 pink, and 2 white beads.

hama beads mandalorian

Sitting Grogu and Two Heads

These patterns use 168 lime, 52 medium green, 11 white, 18 black, 60 tan, 45 dark brown, and 14 pink beads.

mandalorian perler

Standing Baby Yoda, Lightsaber, and Larger Head

These patterns use 82 black, 61 lime, 41 medium green, 7 charcoal, 3 light gray, 1 red, 18 khaki, 9 dark brown, 80 pastel green, 10 pink, 2 white, and 24 light brown beads.

perler beads mandalorian

Mandalorian Helmet

Uses 241 black, 66 charcoal, 39 dark gray, 73 light gray, and 84 medium gray beads.

Mandalorian helmet perler beads

Two Mini Grogus

These patterns use 56 black, 50 medium green, 32 pastel green, 4 white, 24 pink, 56 dark brown, and 72 medium brown beads.

Mini Baby Yoda perler bead patterns

Standing Baby Yoda

Uses 62 lime green, 30 dark green, 6 black, 2 white, 4 flesh, 146 medium brown, and 51 dark brown beads.

hama beads star wars yoda

Grogu Holding Up a Hand

Uses 58 medium green, 110 pastel green, 37 pink, 2 white, 20 black, 176 tan, and 96 medium brown beads.

yoda hama beads

Baby Yoda in a Spaceship

Uses 222 dark gray, 78 black, 118 clear, 88 olive, 10 pink, 28 white, 30 medium gray, 26 medium brown, and 14 butterscotch.

Baby Yoda perler bead pattern

Din Djarin

Uses 149 black, 15 white, 82 light gray, 31 medium gray, 4 dark gray, 55 dark brown, 14 orange, and 18 red beads.

Din Djarin perler beads

Grogu Holding a Cup

Uses 101 slime, 16 pink, 2 white, 14 black, 103 dark brown, 132 butterscotch, and 8 medium brown beads.

Baby Yoda hama bead pattern

A Baby Yoda Christmas

Uses 172 black, 29 red, 28 white, 35 green, 41 light green, 13 yellow, 55 brown, and 54 tan beads.

Christmas Baby Yoda perler bead pattern

The patterns below use an extra large 10.5 x 14″, 49 x 69 pegboard.

Happy and Sad Heads

Both heads use 264 black, 194 light green, 80 olive, 98 pink, 50 medium green, 4 dark green, 14 magenta, and 4 white beads.

Baby Yoda heads perler beads

Grogu with a Stand

Leave the center of the black stand below open and insert the Yoda when complete. He will stand on his own! Uses 378 black, 121 lime, 52 green, 49 peach, 2 white, 147 dark brown, and 159 medium brown beads.

yoda perler beads

Standing Mandalorian

Uses 319 black, 153 medium gray, 289 light gray, 10 clear, 35 white, 25 dark brown, 24 medium brown, 43 dark red, 40 red, 19 sky, 15 bright blue, and 12 orange beads.

Standing Mandalorian perler bead pattern

Grogu in a Spaceship

Uses 290 black, 71 dark gray, 334 medium gray, 90 yellow, 46 green, 122 pastel green, 6 white, 26 medium brown, and 5 tan beads.

mandalorian perler beads

Did you enjoy these Mandalorian hama bead patterns? Let me know in the comments! I’d love for you to check out these other patterns too:

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