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DIY Snow Globes You’ll Love to Make for Christmas

Snow globes are magical and made me instantly think of winter! Create DIY Christmas snow globes for yourself as decor or as a personalized gift.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to get a video of a bonus snow globe project! Plus a few other Christmas goodies – you’re going to love it. I promise!

Over 25 DIY Snow Globes You'll Love

I LOVE Christmas snow globes. In fact, I used to have a huge collection of snow globes from around the world. It was so prolific and well known around the workplace that friends and coworkers would even grab them for me during their travels.

At one job? They had a shelf built for me. I’m serious! It got to be a pretty decent sized collection at one point.

In my various moves across the country (which cost a fortune), the snow globes had to go bye bye, but it doesn’t matter . . . I’m still obsessed with them.

I’ve noticed from browsing craft ideas each year that more and more people are making them, and I love it. I think everyone should have a DIY snow globe – and I need to start with me! I collected 25+ ideas because I’m definitely going to be making one this year.

These are all slightly different and will give you some great inspiration. If you are wondering how to make a snow globe, scroll down and pick a winter decoration that is right for you! Let me know in the comments what you try, or if I’m missing any of your favorite ideas! Happy holidays.

DIY Snow Globes

Looking for a fun winter decoration or Christmas gift this year? One of these 25+ DIY snow globes would be perfect for the holidays. Options include miniature, upcycle, and even edible!

Are you ready to get your bonus tutorial? Learn how to make a cute Christmas snow globe – as well as a few other things! It’s a quick video; just press PLAY on the video in this post!

And once you’ve mastered snowglobes, I’d love for you to check out these other winter craft ideas: