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Wooden Crate Decorating Ideas for Your Home

With their rustic charm and beautiful simplicity, crates are an easy solution to any room’s need for décor.

Wood Crate Decorating

Decorating a wood crate is easy, but you might have a few questions about where to get them, how to prepare them, and what paint to use.


 1. Finding Crates

Wooden crates are much more readily available than you might think! They’re at craft stores, although typically in limited sizes.

Preparing Your Surface A wood crate is exactly that – wood! Most of the time it’s unfinished.

Paints to Use You can use just about any type of paint on your crate surface, but you’re probably going to want to stick to either chalk paint, stain, or craft paint.

Wooden Crate Decorating Ideas

1. Easy DIY Wood Crate Desk

2. DIY Toy Box with Casters

3. DIY Coffee Table with Storage

 4. Wood Crate Mudroom Organization

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