20 DIY Jewelry Organizers You’ll Want to Make

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20 DIY Jewelry Organizers You'll Want to MakeMy friend Maya keeps talking about needing something to display her jewelry. She wants something fun and functional that she can display – and she wants to DIY it. I’m not quite sure what she has in mind, but I’ve been trying to help her figure out what she wants by pulling together ideas – that’s how this collection of 20 DIY jewelry organizers came about! There are some really brilliant ideas here, and a lot of them use items you already have and/or recycled surfaces. You’re going to love this inspiration; just click through the slideshow to see more!


Peg Board

Use painted pegboard and frames to make an attractive jewelry display that is also useful.

Find the step-by-step at The 36th Avenue

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  1. Maya Mohan says:

    OMG! This is for me! I can’t wait to dig in and see what goodies you’ve rounded up for me!!!! WOO! Thanks :-)

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