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DIY Pantry Organization Projects to Start Today

If you are running short of room in your food cabinets, make the best of your limited space with these DIY pantry organization projects!

Skills Required: Beginner to Intermediate. Most of these pantry storage ideas are simple enough for beginners (with no experience!), but there are a few building projects that are a little trickier.

15 DIY Pantry Organization Projects to Start Today

I was just looking at my food cabinets and realize we have a major problem. And by “we” I mean “me.” The cabinets are messy and I have several cans of chicken stock and packages of bread crumbs . . . because I can’t see what I have, so I buy new.

New food items, cleaners and other supplies that I don’t need. Rather than stocking up constantly, I’d love to get some pantry organization going ASAP. A lot of times it’s not about having more space, but using the space you have well.

If you agree, then you’ll love these 15 DIY pantry organization projects. There are a lot of tips and tricks to getting the most out of your space if you just scroll down!

Pantry Organization DIY

Learn how to organize a pantry with all of the smart ideas below! You might be able to use one, two, or all of these ideas. I can’t wait for you to see them. Keep scrolling!

Lazy Susan Pantry Rack

diy lazy susan pantry

Add a lazy susan to the pantry to help you see what you have in one quick spin. (Photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

Clear Containers

cheap pantry organization with clear containers

For quick and easy cleanup of your pantry, go clear container crazy and add labels with a clear label maker.

See how it was done at Chez Larsson

Pantry Organization with a Shoe Holder

organizing a pantry on a budget

Pantries are always full of small items to organize. A clear shoe organizer is an awesome tool for holding those items and seeing what you have. (Photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

Soup Can Organizer DIY

organizing cans in a pantry - pantry can soup rack

This is the perfect budget way to organize cans – with recycled soda fridge packs and Mod Podge.

Find out how to do it at Then She Made

DIY Pantry Storage in Bushel Baskets

DIY pantry storage in bushel baskets

Amanda uses a variety of bushel baskets and metal bins to hold like items and cut down on the number of boxes on the shelves.

Learn more at Burlap and Denim

Chalkboard Labels

Chalkboard labels for pantry organization

Use chalkboard labels to make sure you know what is in each container – and they can erase when you change what’s inside!

Photo courtesy of Simply Fabulous Living

Pantry Soup Can Rack

Pantry soup can rack DIY canned food storage

Cans take up a lot of room in the pantry. Free up a ton of space with these easy-to-follow building plans.

Find out how to make it at Shanty 2 Chic

Pantry Shelving Unit

DIY pantry organizer shelving unit

You can make a custom shelving unit with these simple plans – perfect for hanging on the wall and getting items off the shelves.

Learn how to make it at Lil’ Luna

Organizing Snack Chips Board

How to organize chips in a pantry

Missy decorated this board with clothespins so that she could hang chips and other treats. They are easy to see and grab!

Find the step-by-step at Lookie What I Did

Wood Crates Pantry Storage

DIY pantry organization ideas - wood storage bins

This idea is awesome for using valuable floor space – add rolling labeled crates to your pantry organization.

Learn how they were made at A Little of This, A Little of That

Organize Your Plastic Wrap

How to organize tin foil wax paper plastic wrap

Store your various rolls and wraps in a converted Sam’s Club box. This tutorial is so easy and budget friendly.

Find the step-by-step at RiverCliff Cottage

Pantry Organization on a Budget

Organizing a kitchen pantry on a budget

Turn your wire shelves into solid shelves with foam core and drawer liner. No more bottles tipping over or little items falling through the cracks!

Get the how-to at I Heart Organizing

Pantry Door Organizer

DIY pantry door organizer

Whitney built this amazing spice rack and foil/baggie holder – this DIY pantry storage is one of my favorites! Especially because you can use the same idea to customize the size for your own items.

Find out how to make them at Shanty 2 Chic

Pantry Storage with Tags

Organize a pantry with these storage tags

I love the way that Amber organized her pantry and made it fun to “shop” – with a painted wall, pretty organizers and vintage tags. She’s got the tags available for download, too!

Learn more and get the download at Snippets of Design

DIY Pantry Organizers

DIY dollar store storage

These were created for the laundry room, but think of what you could do with these dollar store bins in the pantry!

Find out how to do it here at DIY Candy

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