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Thirty 30 Day Challenges To Jump Start Your Life

Looking to improve your life with a new start? Check out these 30 day challenges that will have you on your way to self improvement in one month!

Thirty 30 Day Challenges To Jump Start Your Life

Have you ever wondered why you see so many 30-day challenges online and in magazines? The short answer is that they work. The long answer is that in 30 days you can be well on your way to forming a new habit.

A 30-day challenge gives you daily consistency, momentum and accountability. With these 3 things, you are more likely to be successful with your new habit.

Types of 30-day Challenges

You will usually find 30-day challenges within these categories:

  • Physical fitness
    Examples: ab workout (or another specific part of the body), yoga, running
  • Diet
    Examples: clean eating, intermittent fasting, no sugar
  • Mental health
    Examples: kindness, self care, self confidence, gratitude
  • Organization
    Examples: decluttering, productivity, bullet journal
  • Finance
    Examples: budgeting, saving, no spending
  • Creativity
    Examples: writing, drawing, painting

Choosing a challenge

Before you decide to take on a 30-day challenge, make sure that it is appropriate. For example, you will want to check with a doctor before starting a new workout or diet challenge.

Also look at how general the challenge is. The more specific, the more likely you will be to succeed. In other words, a diet challenge that concentrates on adding more protein to your meals will be more helpful than one that has you trying all different goals each day.

I’ve collected 30 different challenges you may want to try (one at a time of course). Whether you want to take on a 30-day challenge alone, with a friend, a child or as a family, I’ve got ideas for you on this list! Go ahead and scroll down. Which one will you try first?

30 Day Challenges

Looking to improve your life with a 30-day challenge? Here are 30 ideas that will have you on your way to self improvement in 1 month!

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