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Beautiful Stationery Gifts for Paper Lovers

Pens. Pencils. Notebooks. Paper clips. Stationery lovers want it all! If you love colorful and modern, check out these unique stationery gifts.

Pens. Pencils. Notebooks. Paper clips. Stationery lovers want it all! If you love colorful and modern, check out these unique stationery gifts.

Are you obsessed with stationery, or do you have friends that are? I’m going to be honest, it’s hard to resist a pretty green stapler or polka dot post-its. Luckily, there are so many beautiful accessories out there for those that love colorful and modern office supplies.

Gifts for Stationery Lovers

Read on to find out our picks for beautiful stationery gifts for paper lovers! These are perfect if you like planners too . . . or just generally want to be organized and stylish while doing it.

Vintage Floral Paper Set

Vintage Floral Paper Set

Paper and envelope sets really float my boat! I love them in all sorts of colors and patterns, especially pretty vintage florals. You can see these and a bunch of other sets here.

Squirrel Paper Clips

squirrel- paper clips

What a wonderful way to hold your papers together! These paper clips would really make my day at the office better. I mean, squirrels on the desk? Yes please.

Modern Washi Tape


These rolls of washi tape would be great for decorating a letter or a planner. I could just see the whimsical colors adding a happy feeling to the paper.

Note Card Set


Aren’t these fancy hedgehog note cards a great way to send a little love?! I adore the colors, and the tin would be so pretty sitting on my desk.

Happy Planner


The Happy Planner will keep you organized in a fun and beautiful way! Plus you get to be so creative with them (using your other stationery gifts!). I’ve got an article all about the Happy Planner and how to use it here.

Fine-Tip Gel Pens


You can make a bold statement with these gel pens. I could see myself doodling flowers, smiley faces, or a full-on letter to a pen pal with these! Plus, I bet they would be great for coloring.

Modern Calligraphy Book

Modern Calligraphy Book

If you fancy writing letters or beautiful stationery gifts, you might also want to learn how to letter. It’s easy to start these days, and there are plenty of guides out there that people would love to receive as a gift: like this one.

Kawaii Stationery Paper & Envelope Set


I love the variety of colors and patterns in this paper and envelope set. They would all be perfect for sending off a letter to a loved one!

Thank You Stickers


I love the kraft paper look of these stickers! They would be great to seal the envelope for a thank you card. Or even to close up gift wrap for a hostess gift or party favors.

Copper Pen/Pencil Holder


Because you need somewhere to store all those writing utensils! This eye-catching cup would really add a pop of color to your desk. If you’re going to hold markers or pencils or pens? Hold them stylishly. Anyone that loves stationery gifts is going to love one of these!

Modern Address Book


This address book really inspires me to jot down all the contact information for my family and friends. I mean, who wouldn’t want to own this Orla Kiely beautifully-designed book?!

Sweet Magnetic Succulent Notepads


Don’t these magnetic notepads just beg to be placed on your fridge? I know I would be more inclined to actually make a grocery list before leaving the house if these were staring at me from the fridge door! Creative people love lists, so these are a perfect gift idea.

Cute Bookmarks


I can picture myself using these darling bookmarks in the books I read at night. Just below I drift off, I’ll slip one of these cute characters between the pages. So many great designs, and they’re fun for planners too. Get yours here.

Inspirational Wall Calendar

inspirational wall calendar

I find that people who love stationery also just love beautiful things in general – like the world, and calendars. That’s where a delightful present like this one comes into a play. Lots of options to choose from here.

Cute Pencil Pouch


I want to store all my pens and pencils in this beautiful pouch! It would really display my love for reading, while keeping all my writing instruments safe and organized. Plus, it’s the right size to pack into my purse so I could keep everything with me wherever I go.

Mini Smiley Notebooks


Keep all your notes and ideas in order with these smiley notebooks. They are so vibrant and colorful, I feel like they could brighten my mood just having them on my desk. When it comes to stationery gifts, these one of my faves!

Pastel Mechanical Pencils


These pastel mechanical pencils just feel like they’d make you look smarter as you write. I like the soft, pastel colors. And that metal clip will keep them safely attached to your notebooks, I’m sure.

Fancy Gold Stapler


Just how fancy does this gold stapler look?! I think style really meets functionality on this one. A gold stapler on your desk says two things: you mean business, and you have great taste.

World Traveler Journal


This travel journal will keep all your notes, dreams, and thoughts safe and secure. I like the size of it, as it would be easy to toss in your bag before you head out for the day. Perfect for anytime that inspiration hits!

Now that I’ve shared my favorite stationery gifts, it’s time for you to share yours – let me know in the comments!