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Weight Watchers Swaps to Make Your Life Easier

Get these genius tips for Weight Watchers swaps so you can ensure success! Pursuing this “lifestyle” is much easier when you prepare ahead of time.

weight watchers swaps to make your life easier

Weight Watchers is one of the simplest “diets” to follow. One reason WW works is because it’s a way of eating that you can actually follow for life – that’s why we call Weight Watchers a lifestyle instead of a diet.

Because you’ll be following this way of eating long-term, you’ll want to have some Weight Watchers swaps on hand to make staying on track much easier.

Weight Watchers Swaps

Changing your way of eating is always more difficult in the beginning, but it gets more manageable as you get used to tracking your points. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your point values low.

These swaps have been key for keeping our meals interesting, getting a variety of spices and flavors, and most importantly making sure the family is happy with the meals we are eating everyday!

Beautiful salad on a patio table

Weight Watchers Swaps at Home

Make sure you are using the Weight Watchers zero point list as much as possible.

Pizza: Make this 2 ingredient dough for your pizza night. Yes, it’s bagel dough but you can use it as pizza dough as well as breadsticks!

Rice and pasta: Using cauliflower rice or any other vegetable you choose instead of regular rice makes all of your rice dishes a lot less points because cauliflower, broccoli, and any other vegetable you use to make rice is most likely zero points.

Your homemade rice is guaranteed to be less points than regular rice. Making zoodles instead of buying noodles will save you money as well as points. Zoodles made from zucchini or other vegetable is zero points and still very tasty.

Chopping zucchini on a wood cutting board

Meats: Use chicken and turkey instead beef or pork. This will help you to keep the points down also as both of these are 0 points now on the Freestyle plan.

Veggies: Fill your plate with high-fiber veggies instead of starches like potatoes or French fries.

Drink lots of water, and skip the soda. Soda is a point per ounce . . . eek! Definitely not worth it. If you must, choose diet soda – it’s zero points (though arguably not very healthy).

Dinner and a glass of wine on a table

Weight Watchers Swaps When You Are Out

Whether you are just running errands or taking the family out for dinner for a special occasion, these restaurant swaps will help you stay on track and keep you headed towards your goal weight. You can still enjoy an afternoon or evening out and stay within your allotted points.

Headed to Olive Garden? This is a big one people blow all of their points on because there is so much pasta and bread to eat! The key is to pre-track (use this Olive Garden Weight Watchers Guide, and save your points for this meal).

salad with feta cheese and blueberries

Eat small, zero point meals and snacks before going out. Eating snacks and meals high in protein (but low in points) will help you stay full longer, which also saves you money – and reduces any urge you may have to go way over your points.

Chipotle is another restaurant with a lot of options that can be confusing of how to order and stay on track. Many people assume the chicken is zero points, but it’s not. Not only is the chicken cooked in oil, it’s not breast meat.

Delicious Mexican bowl with zucchini

This is just another example of why you should pre-track before you go to any restaurant. At Chipotle, the bowls are a great idea (skip the tortillas). Check out the Chipotle Guide for more ideas of what you can order and their point values.

Knowing the point values associated with your favorite foods is important, and it will help you to stay within your own personal points goals while still enjoy going out.

Pretty much any restaurant you go to, you can stick with chicken breast or another meat – skip the oil – add lots of veggies and you’re good to go.

Sensible choices are available at most fast food and fine dining establishments. Skip the oil, butter, bread, and dressings and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a low point meal no matter where you are.

plate of pasta and a matcha shake

Food for Thought

You can’t always be prepared when you’re out and about, but if you plan as much as possible ahead of time, you’ll find yourself staying on track with your Weight Watchers points more often than not.

Even on those days when you don’t get the Blue Dot, you know what you need to eat (and what not to eat!) to be successful.

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