16 Budget Friendly Playroom Storage DIYs

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16 Budget Friendly Playroom Storage DIYsI know that keeping kids’ toys in order can be a full-time job. I grew up with four brothers . . . and even though we didn’t have a ton of toys, it was still hard to keep everything together. And, as kids, we could never find anything! I can’t imagine how my parents felt. Since I know that so many of you have playroom storage and toy organization woes, I pulled together a collection of 16 projects that will help you pull it all together. All of these are budget friendly and most only take a few minutes to pull together. Click through the slideshow and let me know which is your favorite – or if you have other brilliant ideas for playroom storage!

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  • Marni @ Haberdashery Fun

    Hi – Thanks for the feature on my canvas toy bin!! Love your blog.

  • http://www.thrifterindisguise.com/ Kristen | A Thrifter in Disguise

    Thanks, Amy! Our chifferobe looks so cute over here at DIY Candy! :)