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Essential Oil Storage Box in Four Easy Steps!

Do you have quite a collection of essential oils? Learn how to make an essential oil box that holds your bottles securely. It looks good too!

How to decorate an essential oils storage box - never root around in a drawer or basket again!

Hi!  I’m Jennifer of Brave New Home. I blog about home design, decorating and create lots of fun DIY projects in the process. You might have seen some of my other tutorials here: a makeup brush holder, a ring holder, and these air dry clay dishes are some of my favorites.

Today I’m sharing how to create a DIY essential oil box to store your bottle collection. I’ve had my essential oils for some time now and have wanted a more permanent home for them in a dark place where they could stand upright.

I made this essential oil storage in four simple steps. Technically you only need to do three of the steps and the last is optional, but I love using vinyl decals in projects! See the four steps here:

  1. Remove the hardware from the box
  2. Make a form for the oil bottles using air dry clay
  3. Prime and paint the box
  4. Apply vinyl labels to the box (optional)

Keep reading to learn how I decorate this essential oils storage box.

2 - set of essential oils

Before you get started, make sure to choose a box that’s going to fit all your oils. The clay tray is easy to adjust in size, so choose your box first!

You might even want to get a box that’s a little larger than your collection, so you have some room to grow as you add additional bottles. We all know that happens quite easily . . . .

unfinished wood jewelry box

Essential Oil Box

Gather These Supplies

  • Unfinished wooden jewelry box from the craft store
  • Air dry clay
  • Acrylic paint in black and white
  • Wood filler
  • Vinyl decals – you can purchase a sheet of black adhesive vinyl and cut the shapes (you’ll see below)
4 - removing hardware from wooden box

First, I removed all of the hardware.

5 - sanding down wood box

Then I gave the box a light sanding and filled in the holes where the lock was with wood filler.

6 - creating form for essential oils in air dry clay

I rolled out some air dry clay then positioned my oils keeping in mind the dimensions of my box. When making your molds, be sure to compensate for the clay shrinking by creating extra room around each bottle in your clay.

7 - priming wooden box

Then I primed my wood.

8 - painting wooden box white

Then painted it a clean white.

9 - creating mini triangle vinyl decals

Next, I cut mini triangles out of larger triangle vinyl decals.

10 - applying vinyl decals

I used a ruler to line up my triangles. To remove the backing, I opted to use a pair of tweezers since the triangles were so small.  I let them come off the edges and simply cut them to fit the lid when I was all done.

make your own essential oil box

I glued my dried clay form into the bottom of the box after re-attaching the hinges.

essential oil wooden storage box

I also added one large decal to mimic the look of a lock.

essential oil storage chest

All my essential oils fit in nicely and there is even room to add in a few more.

DIY essential oil box

I love the modern look of my box and of course, it’s functionality.

15 - front of essential oil box

Hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. If you don’t have essential oils, you could definitely adapt this project for any other sort of collection you might have.

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