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Clay Ring Dish with a Hand Painted Design

Make a cute little clay ring dish with hand painted accents! These darling dishes are a pretty personalized gift, and are so easy to make.

Skills Required: Beginner. You should have a little bit of crafting experience for this project, but not much. You’ll be cutting out clay to shape a dish and then doing some (very simple) hand painting.

Clay Ring Dish with a Hand Painted Design

Hi guys! Jennifer from Brave New Home here again to share a sweet little clay craft perfect for ushering in spring.

I’m obsessed with using air dry clay, especially in simple crafts that are cute like this one. This is a great Mother’s Day craft for kids that is going to be fun for elementary and older . . . you don’t need great painting skills to make the abstract florals. Customize with any design you like!

Air dry clay, rolling pin, and acrylic paint

For this clay ring dish project, you will need:

  • Air dry clay
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Tea cup
  • Rolling pin
  • Permanent markers
  • Clear acrylic spray
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
Air dry clay circles about to be rolled out with a rolling pin

I started with two small circles of air dry clay on my work surface. You can use just about anything as your template. Roll out with a rolling pin.

Air dry clay rolled into a ring dish

After I rolled them out, I smoothed the edges with water and my finger. Then I gently pressed each clay ring dish in a small tea cup to dry overnight.

Floral patterns drawn onto the dishes with a pencil

Once dry, I outlined some simple floral patterns on top of the clay. I’m not typically a flower person, but once spring hits I just get wild about flowers!

Painting floral patterns on the clay ring dishes

Paint in layers, stopping after every color to let each layer dry. This will help avoid mixing paint colors. Then I went back and added some details with permanent markers.

air dry clay ring dish

Finally, I gave both sides a coat of clear acrylic spray paint. The spray paint will keep the colors in place and prevent any dirty smudges on the white clay.

DIY air dry clay trinket dish

I made two of these little ring holder dishes, one for each of my son’s teachers.

diy clay ring dish for a personalized gift

These are great clay crafts for kids because they are so simple. I think a clay ring dish will be a nice personalized little present for a teacher, neighbor, hostess, or anyone else who deserves a little something special. It’s definitely unique!

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Saturday 4th of July 2015

This is so cute! I tried to make similar dishes out of polymer clay and they didn't turn out quite as well. Could be that I need more practice. I think air dry clay is a great place to start practicing, and get instant gratification from the finished trinket dish. Great idea!