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How to Make a Ring Holder with Clay

You can make a regular ring holder – but this origami themed holder with bright yellow paint takes a plain project up a notch. You’ll love it!

Skills Required: Beginner. It helps to have some experience with clay to make this project, but it’s not required. This clay is very forgiving.

DIY ring holder made with air dry clay

Hi!  I’m Jennifer of Brave New Home. I blog about home design, decorating, and create lots of fun DIY projects in the process.

I’m happy to be here today to share a clay craft tutorial for creating an origami ring holder. I wanted a place to safely store my wedding rings. My style had outgrown the frilly one I already owned, so I opted for something a bit more modern looking.

DIY Ring Holder

Air dry clay, yellow paint, and a rolling pin

I already had on the materials I needed on hand: a rolling pin, air dry clay, and acrylic paint. I also used a kitchen knife to cut my clay and a paintbrush to apply the paint.

rolling out air dry clay with a rolling pin

I started by rolling out some of my air dry clay.

create a triangle out of the clay

I made a steep pyramid for my rings to go on.

cutting two strips out of clay with a knife

From my remaining clay, I cut two equal strips.

curving the strips

I cut curves into the bottom and made the sides slanted.

putting the pieces together

After I scored the two strips (I scratched the edges and added some water) and fused my two strips together, I traced and cut a shape to fit onto the bottom.

finished DIY ring holder out of clay

Using the same scoring process, I connected the bottom to the sides and the pyramid to the bottom. I used the dull side of my knife to make indentations mimicking the fold of paper as it would look in actual origami. Wet your finger and smooth all the sides of your ring holder for a clean look.

Follow the instructions for drying on your clay package. Mine actually took a few days given the weather conditions.

painting inside of origami ring holder with yellow paint

After my ring holder had dried completely, I painted the inside with two coats of acrylic paint.

DIY ring holder on a black and white striped surface

Not only can you store rings but there’s plenty of space to stash a pair of earrings or whatever other jewelry you take off when you get in the door.

collage of origami ring holder

I love the surprise of the happy and punchy yellow!

finished origami ring holder 1

This has been one of my favorite projects that I’ve made with air dry clay so far. Hope you enjoy it as well! I’d also love for you to enjoy these other ideas I’ve done for the blog: