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Christmas Cake Toppers to Celebrate the Season

This simple project adds the perfect, colorful touch to a holiday party! Make these DIY Christmas cake toppers with just a few supplies.

Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never crafted before, you can accomplish this project. You’ll be painting and gluing wooden letters. It’s very simple!

Christmas Cake Toppers to Celebrate the Season

I know we’re still a few weeks away from the official start of the Christmas season, but life tends to get so busy during that time! Sometimes parties just sneak up on us and we’re not ready (okay, maybe I’m speaking for myself).

I have an easy party “hack” to make it look like you were completely on top of the situation the whole time: Christmas cake toppers.

Be Jolly Christmas cake toppers

Of course they aren’t just for cakes – you can use them for any sort of dessert. And what I really love about this idea is that you can customize it with any holiday message of your choice.

You can also just paint a name or some other phrase in holiday colors, and it still works. There’s no end to the possibilities with these DIY Christmas cake toppers!

Wood letters, hot glue gun, toothpicks, paintbrush, and paint in red, green, and pink

Christmas Cake Toppers

You’ll need:

  • Small wooden or chipboard letters {these are from the craft section of Target}
  • Craft paint – colors of your choice
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue gun
  • Paintbrush
Wood letters painted in green, pink, and red laying on a work surface

Start by choosing your phrase and spell it out. Paint those letters in a pattern of your liking.

Gluing a toothpick to the back of a wood letter

After the paint has dried, glue toothpicks to the backs of each letter using hot glue.

Christmas cake topper that says Fa la la la la next to a plate of white powdered donuts

That’s it! Stick your toppers into the dessert of your choice and enjoy the extra festive touch. {And if you’re careful, they’re probably reusable . . . or just pull off the toothpick and replace it with a new one!}

How many holidays are you going to make these for – or birthdays? They are a perfect budget craft for weddings too.

I think these cake toppers would look great with smaller letters as well. There’s literally no end to the possibilities, which is my favorite part of this paper Christmas decor.

Be Jolly Christmas cake toppers in white powdered donuts on a pink plate

And for more holiday and DIY projects like this one, visit my blog!

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