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Birdhouse Key Holder for a Home Sweet Home

Make this super easy birdhouse key holder that is not only functional but cute too! Add your favorite saying to the front like “home sweet home.”

Skills Required: Beginner. This is easy even if you don’t have that much crafting experience. You’ll be doing some basic painting (tracing lines with a brush). You’ll also be attaching a little hardware.

Birdhouse Key Holder for a Home Sweet Home

Hi, it’s Vanessa from Tried & True and I’m back with another fun craft project! I’m the kind of person who misplaces everything and honestly, I couldn’t even tell you the number of times I’ve lost my keys.

Hopefully not any more, though! I made this super easy little birdhouse key holder to help me keep track of them. Fingers crossed!

DIY Key Holder

You can make this birdhouse in just a few simple steps. You’re going to write a saying on the front of the birdhouse, then paint it. Then you’ll attach a hanger and paint the roof. Finally you’ll add the cup hooks on the front.

Learn how to make this project below.

Gather These Supplies

  • Decorative Wood Birdhouse
  • Paint
  • Hook Screws
  • Small Saw Tooth Hanger
  • Pencil
  • Tool Set
  • Liner Brush

Choose a Birdhouse and Hooks

Step One. Gather the few supplies you’ll need to make your own DIY key holder. I found this little decorative wood birdhouse in the dollar section of Target but I’ve seen them available tons of different places.

Wood birdhouse with a package of gold cup hooks

Paint the Saying on the Front

Step Two. Use a pencil to write in the words “Home Sweet Home” on the front of the birdhouse. Erase and correct as you need to.

Use the liner brush to trace over the letters with paint. Let dry before continuing.

Painting over the handwriting with a liner brush and black paint

Add a Hanger

Step Three. If your decorative birdhouse doesn’t already have one, add a sawtooth hanger to the back of it using your tool set.

Sawtooth hanger nailed to the back of the birdhouse

Paint the Edges and Roof

Step Four. Add some more paint to the edges and roof of the birdhouse. Or if you’re artistically inclined, paint some cute birds on the sides. Your options to customize are completely open!

Let completely dry before moving to the next steps.

Home Sweet Home painted on the front of a wood birdhouse

Add the Hooks

Step Five. Take a couple hook screws and insert them in the front. Depending on the strength of the wood, you may have to drill a pilot hole first. My wood was soft enough that the screws went in without too much effort

Screwing cup hooks into the base of the birdhouse

And that’s it! I’m really hoping that having this little birdhouse to store my keys will help me remember where they are. If all else fails, at least my birdhouse key holder will look super adorable hanging on my wall!

DIY key holder from a birdhouse

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Stephanie R

Tuesday 12th of May 2015

This is too cute. I had to make something like this to hold my keys because I am forever losing them.