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Fix Almost Anything with Clear Gorilla Glue!

Learn how to use clear Gorilla Glue to fix a glass dessert plate! Gorilla Glue bonds glass, wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, and more. Indoor/outdoor use.

Clear Gorilla Glue

Have you ever broken something you really didn’t want to break? My intention is never to break anything, but it happens – and recently I dropped a relatively new glass dessert plate that my mother gave me as a housewarming gift. Luckily I was able to fix it with Clear Gorilla Glue®!

I was pulling the dessert plate out of an upper cabinet to use, and it slipped out of my hand and dropped and hit the top of the fridge. It wasn’t enough to shatter the item (thank goodness!) but it was enough to break off a portion of the stand. I was SO upset.

I quickly realized, “wait a second – Clear Gorilla Glue!” Yes . . . Gorilla Glue makes a very strong crystal clear formula perfect for bonding glass together. I realized this would be a perfect application for the glue and would save my dessert plate.

Why Gorilla Glue?

I’ve always had success with Gorilla Glue for home repairs and for various DIY projects that I’ve done. I was sure that if I tried the clear formula, it would work well – and I was right! What drew me in was that it’s crystal clear (perfect for glass like this!) and it doesn’t foam or expand. So for a small fix like this one, the clear Gorilla Glue was exactly what I needed.

Not only does it bond glass, it bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, and more. This formula works both indoors and outdoors, and it’s really easy to dispense from the bottle (which is not true of all glues!). Here’s how I fixed my dessert plate! This was the before with the bottom of the plate stem broken off cleanly.

Broken plate that needs fixing

Step One: I made sure everything is clean and dry, and added clear Gorilla Glue to the stem.

Fixing my broken plate with Gorilla Glue

You don’t need a lot of glue, but enough to cover the area.

Adding clear Gorilla Glue to the bottom of my plate

Step Two: I secured the stem back to the plate and wiped away the excess glue that came out the sides.

Gorilla Glue setting on my plate stem

Step Three: I set my dessert plate top down on a hard, flat surface. You can clamp or place a heavy item on top to keep everything secure. I used a small, heavy book.

Bottom of a plate after Gorilla Glue has been added

After 24 hours, my dessert plate is fully secure and ready to use. I can even hand wash it again!

Clear Gorilla Glue

Here are some additional questions you might have about the product.

How Long Does it Take Gorilla Glue to Dry?

This glue takes about 2 hours to dry, but then about 24 hours to reach full cure (fully dry). Clamps are recommended, or heavy items to keep the pressure on the items you’re gluing. I noticed that the base of my dessert plate was pretty secure in about 15 minutes! However I left it to dry overnight just to be sure.

Is it Water Resistant?

Yes! It’s highly water resistant but not recommended for continued water exposure. You can definitely use it outdoors, but you wouldn’t want your project in an area where water is on it constantly. Screen porches or covered areas are perfect!

Can you Remove Gorilla Glue?

Wipe off the excess glue after applying and securing your item – you can also use paint thinner while it’s wet. If it’s dry you’ll want to remove the excess with a chisel or sandpaper. I recommend sandpaper if you’re working with glass just so you don’t break the item again!

If you love Gorilla Glue and use it around your home, I’d love to hear what you do with it in the comments. Also let me know if you’d love to try the clear formula! You can purchase the clear formula from your local Home Depot!


Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Can I use the Gorilla super glue to adhere metal bails to glass pieces?



Saturday 8th of July 2023

My guess is you could but with the beating that jewelry usually takes I would use a specific jewelry glue like this one:


Friday 31st of March 2023

While I love Gorilla Glue in general as a product. however, The Gorilla Glue Clear really hasn't lived up to expectations. I have used it in several different applications and really has preformed quite poorly. #1. I was trying to increase the strength of the adhesive on the back of strip lighting that i was placing under the backseats of my car. The seats are leather and the backing was plastic, but it failed to hold the lights up even after the 24 hours. Classic super glue worked much better.

#2. I was trying to glue Cotten balls to a plastic water bottle and was pretty much worthless.

#3. Right now, I am attempting to glue 2 plastic pieces together, we'll see how it is in 24 hours.

But all said, I'd buy a different glue from Gorilla.


Sunday 2nd of April 2023

Thanks for the feedback Nick! I like that you are trying different materials. For me I have used it around the house for glass, ceramic, wood and those applications work well. I'm wondering if the liquid bonding would work for your applications!


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

Question here, would clear gorilla glue work to fix a broken glass candle jar? Or would it get too hot?


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

Hi Crystal! This is a great question. I did some looking up and it says that Gorilla Glue formulas can withstand to 200F . . . and that candle jar glass can withstand to 250F. I doubt the candle jar ever gets that hot. Having said that, it seems like it's close enough. I would try it. And of course, don't leave unattended!


Wednesday 25th of January 2023

Can I use it to fix something that goes in an aquarium?


Wednesday 25th of January 2023

Hi Cathy! I looked it up and my search said you should find a "aquarium safe silicone sealant." NOW, some of the posts say that you can use Gorilla Glue in an aquarium once it is fully cured, and if the main ingredient is cyanoacrylate and not polyurethane. I recommend checking with Gorilla Glue themselves. My guess is they have some GG's that will work but I would hate to give you the wrong advice and hurt any fish. Please reach out to them! Thank you.

Wendi O

Monday 21st of November 2022

I used to say Duct tape and super glue fixes everything, but now I live by Gorilla Glue. From tools, to my favorite coffee cup, my newest project is an old wood bird house, that is been in the weather and falling apart. Haven't tried the tape or adhesive spray yet, but I'd love to check them out.


Monday 19th of December 2022

It's so true! Lol. The tape and spray are awesome!