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Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids (with Free Printable!)

Join the adventure! Discover this nature scavenger hunt for kids, sparking curiosity and a love of the outdoors. Engage, learn, and play – there’s a free printable too.

nature scavenger hunt for kids

Hello, marvelous mothers and caretakers! We all know that keeping the littles engaged and entertained, particularly during those long summer breaks, can be a chore.

Sometimes you want to wean them off the screens for an afternoon with a cool activity for kids. Something to introduce them to the beauty of the great outdoors. Guess what? I’ve got the perfect solution – a nature scavenger hunt for kids!

Before you start imagining a daunting treasure hunt you’ve seen on TV, let me clarify. This version of an outdoor scavenger hunt is simple, fun, and extremely educational.

More than that, it’s designed to stimulate their curiosity and foster a love for the great outdoors – all while keeping them happily occupied. So, grab your magnifying glass and prepare for an adventure!

Remember the days when you’d chase butterflies or collect leaves? These are experiences that we held close to our hearts as children.

Now, it’s time for your children to create similar memories and connect with Mother Nature. This activity is a playful and immersive experience that kids will love!

nature scavenger hunt printable

Our fun nature scavenger hunt is not just a pastime; it’s a journey. It’s about exploring the unexplored and fostering an understanding of the vibrant world around us.

While they might start out seeking fun, by the end of it, they’ll gain something more valuable – knowledge, mindfulness, and a newfound respect for nature.

But don’t worry, we’re not leaving you to explore nature alone. There’s a printable with sixteen items that kids can find in their local park or on nature walks. They’re going to have a great time!

Let’s dive into this amazing journey together, creating engaging outdoor adventures for our little explorers!

Are you ready for the exciting rollercoaster of exploration and fun that our free nature scavenger hunt promises? This will bring out their adventurous spirit. Let’s encourage them to explore, learn, and grow – one scavenger hunt at a time!

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Gather These Supplies

  • Printer and regular paper
  • Your own outdoor photos OR THIS outdoor printable
  • Muffin tins – up to 16 count with 2” bottoms (standard size)
  • 2-inch circle punch
  • Double stick tape
  • Scissors

You have two options – take your own photos of outdoor items OR use the handy dandy printable attached at the end of this post (and in the list above). If you take your own photos, print them out on presentation paper.

If you use my printable, print out a copy and cut between each image with your scissors. This is so you can get close enough to the image to punch it out easily.

Cutting out circles with scissors

All of the images on the printable are designed to be able to be punched out with a standard 2” circle punch. It will only take you a few minutes to punch them all out!

Cutting out circles with a circle punch

Place an “X” of double stick tape on the back of each image.

Putting tape on the back of paper circles

Then place inside the bottom of your muffin tins. No need to purchase new tins if you already have some! You’ll be able to reuse your current tins (after washing, of course).

fingers holding a paper circle

Continue placing images in the bottom of your muffin tin until the entire thing is covered. Smooth down with your fingers.

Placing the paper circles in the tin

You’re ready to start collecting!

Head outside with your child and let them explore – finding the goodies, telling you the color, and even naming them.

printable nature scavenger hunt

When you’re done with this activity, simply remove the circles from the bottom of the muffin tin, wash, and you’re ready for baking.

This game is perfect for kids around 2 – 4 years of age, but anyone can do it. You’re going to have so much fun. Happy hunting!

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