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Geek Earrings That Look Like Nintendo Buttons

Use a Nintendo 64 controller to make the coolest geek earrings! This is one of those cool clay crafts that everyone will ask you about.

Geek Earrings That Look Like Nintendo Buttons

Every once in a while I come up with a craft that gives everyone a little peek at how secretly geeky I am. This is definitely one of those geek crafts.

I grew up playing Nintendo 64 with my siblings, and I thought it would be really neat to make some earrings using the buttons. I didn’t realize until after taking the controller apart that the buttons are actually really tall and not good for making jewelry.

I decided, instead, to use the buttons to make molds. I then used those molds to make “buttons” out of polymer clay. Now I can make as many as I want! Earrings for everyone!

DIY Nintendo button earrings

This is cute clay craft for kids – teens and tweens will enjoy making the molds and forming their own earrings. They could even make them for gifts or to sell. Get the step-by-step tutorial below.

Nintendo Geek Earrings

Supplies needed:

  • Nintendo 64 controller
  • blank earring studs
  • strong glue
  • polymer clay (white, green, and blue)
  • glossy polymer clay glaze
  • foil
  • corn starch (optional)

Start by taking apart your controller and take out the buttons. My husband was so reluctant to give me this controller even though it was broken. Haha!

Nintendo 64 controller with the parts removed

I cut down the buttons when I was still trying to use them for the earrings, so that’s why this button is short. Yours will be taller. Soften some white clay in your hands and roll it out to about 1/2 inch thick.

Green Nintendo 64 B button and a white piece of clay

Press the button into the clay and pull it straight out. Take your time and start over if you mess up. You want your mold to be as perfect as possible.

Pressing the Nintendo 64 button face down into white clay

Place the molds on a foil covered baking sheet and bake according to package instructions.

Clay molds baking on aluminum foil

Once the molds have cooled, they are ready to use. Take a small amount of colored clay and roll it into a ball. Dust the outside with corn starch to prevent sticking and help cut down on fingerprints.

Press the ball of clay into the mold and smooth it flat. Very gently pull it out of the mold and place it on foil. I’m not going to lie, this took a few tries, but I got better at it each time.

Blue clay pressed into the white clay mold

I made a bunch because it didn’t take much clay, and I knew some were going to turn out better than others. None of them are perfect, but they look pretty good. Bake the clay according to package instructions.

Clay baked to look like Nintendo 64 controller buttons

To give the clay a plastic look, I brushed on a coat of gloss glaze made for polymer clay. It made such a big difference!

Painting gloss glaze on top of the clay

Once the glaze has dried, use strong glue to attach the “buttons” to the earrings.

E-6000, earring backs, and clay pieces
DIY geek earrings that look like Nintendo 64 controller buttons

Let the glue dry, and your earrings are ready to wear! My daughter thinks they are so cool. Now I’m curious to know if anyone will catch on and recognize what they are. What do you think? Any other Nintendo lovers out there?

Nintendo controller button earrings

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Monday 20th of February 2023

These earrings look pretty good and geeky too!😋

Priya Sharma

Saturday 23rd of July 2016

Stylish and trendy earrings made of clay! Where can I buy these? I really liked it..They are so edgy.


Wednesday 20th of July 2016

lol, the earrings looks funny and pretty same time :) nice tips, thanks!