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All About My Dad Printable Sheet (Grandpa Too!)

If you looking for a fun last minute Father’s Day gift, this All About My Dad sheet is a cute idea! Get the free printable for kids to fill out here. There’s also a version for grandpa AND a free coupon book. Dad is going to love it.

All-About-My-Dad free Father's Day printable

I have a funny story to share. It starts with the fact that I never really knew what my dad did for work. . . . and ends that way too. Maybe you can relate.

When I was very, very young, I knew that my dad worked for United Parcel Service (UPS). I believe at that time he was a driver, but that may have been before I was born. In fact I think he was working in the offices of UPS in the Seattle area by the time I arrived on this earth in 1977.

At some point in my childhood, probably when I was about 6 or 7, I was told that my dad’s job was “to tell the planes where to go.” In adult lingo, that’s logistics. Of some sort. Supply chain I think? I’m showing my ignorance.

But that’s the whole point here . . . I always knew what UPS did (deliver packages), but I never really knew exactly what my dad did for them. I certainly had no idea what his title was.

Over the years when I’d get asked in middle school and high school, I’d give the same answer that I gave when I was 6. “My dad tells the planes where to go.”

This isn’t a question that you necessarily get asked very often, so I never felt the need to remedy the situation. I never asked my dad the question, and this continued into adulthood. Until I was in my 20s and I got asked that question by a friend and I responded with, “my dad tells the planes where to go.”

I’m sure the person that asked me thought I was kidding and that my next sentence was going to be “Haha! He does XYZ.” But you can’t answer a question when you don’t know the answer. And I didn’t know the answer.

And years later – at 44 years old – I still don’t know the answer. At this point I think it’s kind of perfect that I don’t know, and there’s a little icing on the cake too. I went to college on a UPS scholarship. I wonder now if they would’ve given it to me had they asked me what my dad did for UPS? “He tells the planes where to go.”


All About Dad Printable

With Father’s Day around the corner, I had to tell that story. I also decided to put together a fun little printable that is perfect for Father’s Day – “All About My Dad.” Yep . . . this is a great activity for kids to learn about their parent!

This All About My Dad free printable includes a spot for a drawing of dad with their child, and then some prompts to answer some cute questions about good ol’ dad. For those who want to do an “All About Grandpa” version, I’ve included a second sheet that kids can fill out about their grandfather. He’ll appreciate one for Father’s Day as well!

But that’s not all.


I’ve also included a free printable Father’s Day coupon book that matches the All About Dad sheets. The coupon book gives dad acts of service including “one car wash,” “one afternoon nap,” “help on any chore,” and more!


For the coupon book, all you need are scissors, a hole punch, and ribbon. Print out the coupon book sheets and cut out. Punch holes where indicated and then tie with a small piece of ribbon. Gift to dad along with the sheets above!

Are you ready to give dad one of his favorite gifts EVER? Simply download the free All About My Dad printables below!



Do you have any funny stories about dad? Maybe you didn’t know what your dad did when you were growing up? I’d love to hear in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out the posts below: