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Happy Planner Free Printables That Are Incredibly Awesome

Personalize your calendar with these collection of awesome Happy Planner free printables! Get stickers, cards, lists, and more. These are my favorites!

Free Happy Planner Printables

If you’ve arrived at this post, you more than likely already have a Happy Planner. Though you know what they say about making assumptions! If you haven’t heard of the Happy Planner, it’s an awesome tool.

The Happy Planner is cool because it combines the need for creativity with the need for organization – into one disc-bound book. It is and is not like a regular planner.

Just like a regular planner, the Happy Planner has monthly and weekly sections, meant to track appointments and events as you typically would.

But unlike a regular planner, the design is conducive to personalization, and there’s plenty of room to do just that. Everything about it is with the intention of getting your creative juice flowing.

Happy Planner Printables

My favorite part of the entire process is the personalizing. You can do this with washi tape, markers, craft supplies, and (of course) printables. Basically, you just can’t have a Happy Planner without decorating it. That’s the entire point.

I absolutely love buying stickers, accessories, and other goodies for my planner (Michaels always has cute ones) but there are MANY free printables out there for the taking as well.

I’ve pulled together a collection of 50+ that I love and I think you should download as well. Because you can never have enough Happy Planner free printables, right?

(check out all of our exclusive free planner printables here!)

The collection below includes layouts, cards, stickers, inserts, and more. You can use regular paper for some, but if you are going to be printing a lot of stickers or other items where you need adhesive on the back, I highly recommend these labels. They are full-page and the package comes with 100 sheets, which is perfect.

Are you ready to take your Happy Planner to the next level? Just click on the links below! You might have to sign up for a few email lists to access these printables, but most of them are direct downloads. And a lot of the emails you sign up for give you complete access to free printable libraries, which is pretty dang cool!

Note: Happy Planner pages are 7″ x 9.25″ for the classic planner. You can resize any 8.5″ x 11″ pages below to that size before printing. Find a guide on how to resize printables for the Happy Planner here.

Free Happy Planner Printables

If you like free printables for the Happy Planner, this is a great list. You'll get stickers, inserts, planning sheets, and holiday goodies. Scroll down to pick your favorites, print, and get creative!

Free Planner Stickers

Free Planner Printables

Holiday Planner Printables

Let me know your favorite source for stickers, inserts, and other printables in the comments – we’re always on the lookout for the best (FREE!) stuff for Happy Planners and we’d love to know where you find yours!

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