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Winter Wonderland Decorations Made with Glass Jars

Are you looking for winter wonderland decorations? These jars are so easy to put together with a few simple supplies! Great for mantel decor.

Skills Required: None. These are easy enough for kids to assemble! No gluing or cutting, you’re just putting things together.

Winter Wonderland Decorations Made with Glass Jars

If I had to pick a theme I like for Christmas and the holidays that I tend to go with year after year, I’d have to pick winter wonderland. And here’s why . . . winter wonderland decorations can be kept up way past the holidays!

It’s my dirty little secret. I feel like the red and green stuff has to come down by the new year but winter themed like these jars? It can stay up til February at least!

I’m obsessed with DIY dioramas so when I spotted two little kits at Target I could use – AND the jars (which I had to buy separately) – I knew I’d be putting these together and displaying them immediately.

While the kits I purchased at Target may or may not be available when you read this, you can typically find these items at the craft store OR I’ve linked to them online below. To keep the price down I recommend using old jars and/or buying any of these supplies you can at the thrift store. Then get the rest online!

Winter Wonderland Decorations

Here’s the easy tutorial for assembling these jars, once you’ve pulled all your goodies together.

Gather These Supplies

Wondershop vessel filler from Target

Here are the kits I used, purchased at “Tar-jay.” That’s the French word for Target if you’ve never heard of it.

Pouring artificial snow into a glass jar

Wash your jars, dry, and then place fake snow inside. You don’t need much as it’s really fluffy.

Placing bottle brush trees into a glass jar filled with artificial snow

Place the bottle brush trees down in the snow. Sometimes they can be hard to balance. Just balance against the sides OR if you are having too much trouble, glue then to the bottom before you place the snow inside.

Placing plastic animals into a glass jar filled with bottle brush trees and artificial snow

Place your figurines inside. And that’s it. Instant winter wonderland decorations!

Winter wonderland glass jar filled with artificial snow, bottle brush trees, and a plastic polar bear

Obviously these are about as easy as it gets. I mean, you don’t really need a tutorial, but I wanted to show you how I put mine together.

Winter wonderland glass jar filled with artificial snow, bottle brush trees, and a plastic deer

These winter wonderland decorations are so cute and sweet – would it be weird if I left them up all year?

DIY winter wonderland decorations

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Friday 6th of January 2017

That is so cute and clever. I will be doing this even now with spring flowers, trees, dogs and cats!