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Faux Concrete Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

Create modern, unique concrete ornaments for Christmas without the weight of actual cement! These are so easy to make and look great on your tree.

Skills Required: Beginner. You’ll be applying a few layers of paint to an ornament, so it helps to have experience with craft painting so it goes on evenly.

Faux Concrete Ornaments for a Unique Christmas Tree

One of my favorite products that came out this year was the Painted Finishes from FolkArt in Concrete. I have used it all year, turning just about everything I could get my hands on into concrete without the mess or weight of actual concrete.

So, when I purchased a new flocked Christmas tree this year, I was limited in my budget for decoration. I turned to my old ornament collection to see what I had that could be repurposed.

Once I chose my Christmas ornaments, I grabbed my trusty Painted Finishes to give them a modern update. The result? These gold-dipped faux concrete ornaments!

This was the easiest project to make with a big payoff. These concrete ornaments went from dull and basic to stylish and full of texture, and I’m obsessed with the statement they make on my tree. Here’s how you make them.

Red Christmas ball ornament, Enamel gold paint, and concrete painted finish with a paint brush

Concrete Christmas Ornaments

Gather These Supplies

Painting a red Christmas ball ornament using concrete finish and a paintbrush

1. Remove any top from your ornament that you do not want painted. Apply your Painted Finishes to your ornament. (Whenever I use this product I am amazed at how quickly it transforms a surface!)

Cover the entire ornament and let dry completely. Apply at least two coats.

Painting the bottom half of a cement ornament with metallic gold paint

2. Once the concrete finish has dried completely, paint the bottom of the ornament with gold paint. You can use painter’s tape to create a clean line, or just eyeball it.

Apply as many coats as you would like until you achieve the density of gold you would like. Let dry completely.

Cement Christmas ornaments

3. Replace the tops, string the ornaments and that’s it! You’re ready to transform your tree!

concrete christmas ornaments

Can you believe that texture? It is so satisfying to get an effect like this with such little effort. And you don’t have to worry about actual concrete weighing down your poor tree limbs. This stuff is light as a feather.

Plus, I am so obsessed with the contrast of gold with the concrete. It gives my concrete ornaments just the right amount of holiday glam while still being modern, and it’s so gorgeous when the tree lights hit them!

Modern concrete ornaments on a flocked Christmas tree

What do you think? Are you ready to hang some “concrete” on your tree? Go for it! And, be sure to visit us as we blog about style, food, and the things we love over at the Pretty Life Girls.

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