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Lace Bunny Canvas Easter Craft

Combine brown burlap with delicate lace to make this pretty bunny canvas – it’s an easy Easter craft you’ll want to keep up for the entire year!

Skills Required: Beginner. You’re going to make a lace applique using Heat n’ Bond (with an iron). Then you will attach it to the canvas. It’s pretty simple and fine if you don’t have a ton of crafting experience.

Lace Bunny Canvas Easter Craft

I was wandering around the craft store the other day when I saw a pretty lace and burlap fabric bunting. I thought the combination looked so perfect for spring, and I started thinking about what else I could make using lace and burlap.

Bunnies always make the cutest Easter decorations, so I came up with this adorable lace bunny canvas Easter craft. The canvas itself is burlap, and I added the bunny just like you would any other fabric appliqué. So easy!

You’re going to make this project in three simple steps. You’re going to create an applique, attach it to the canvas, and then add embellishments. It’s very easy.

DIY Rabbit Canvas

To make this Easter craft, you’ll need:

Note: you can staple burlap fabric around a regular canvas if you want to. Your background also doesn’t have to be burlap! You can select any fabric if there’s something you like better.

Create the Bunny Applique

Heat n Bold Ultrahold, lace fabric, and burlap fabric

Trace the bunny pattern onto the paper side of a piece of Heat ‘n Bond. You can probably use other types of fusible interfacing for this as well, but I haven’t tested them.

Bunny pattern traced onto Heat n' Bond

Place a piece of parchment paper on top of your ironing board and put the lace on top of that. It’s VERY important that you use the parchment paper so you don’t ruin your ironing board and/or iron! 

Lace fabric over the top of a piece of parchment paper

Put the piece of Heat ‘n Bond, paper side up, on top of the lace. Iron with a hot, dry iron. Leave it on long enough to create a bond with the adhesive, but don’t go overboard. You don’t want the lace to melt!

The interfacing is important because it helps keep the lace from fraying and will stick the bunny to the canvas. If you want less lace to go to waste, cut off some (not all) of the excess interfacing around the bunny before ironing it down.

Ironing the Heat n' Bond down to the lace fabric

Attach the Rabbit to the Canvas

Cut out your bunny shape.

Lace rabbit shape cut out sitting on top of the burlap fabric with scissors

Peel off the paper backing to expose the adhesive.

Peeling the Heat n' Bond off of the lace rabbit shape

Center the bunny, adhesive side down, on top of the canvas.  Put your piece of parchment paper on top of the bunny and iron over it.

Iron running over the parchment paper on top of the lace applique

The bunny should be good and stuck to the canvas now. You can stop now if you want, but I decided that it needed something extra.

Add Embellishments

Lace rabbit shape attached to canvas

I tied a little bow out of some 1/4 inch wide ribbon to attach to the bunny.

Bow tied with a roll of peach ribbon

Just use a little hot glue to stick it on the bunny’s neck.

Hot glue gun used to attach the ribbon to the rabbit canvas

And that’s it!

Finished bunny canvas for Easter decor

What do you think? I love the way the burlap and lace give my spring mantle a shabby chic look.

DIY bunny canvas made with burlap and lace for Easter

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Lynn Harrison

Friday 1st of March 2019

I think this is so cute and seems fairly easy. Kudos to you.