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Paint Mandala Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree!

Learn how to make unique dot mandala ornaments for your Christmas tree! Making the patterns is easier than you think. These are so pretty.

Mandala Ornaments for the Christmas tree

It’s halfway through December, and here in the Pacific Northwest, things have just started to turn really cold. It’s finally starting “to look a lot like Christmas,” and just as I do each year when it gets cold, I’m feeling crafty.

There’s a special kind of magic in creating something with your own hands for the holidays, especially when it’s something as beautiful and meaningful as a Christmas ornament.

This year, I’m excited to show you how create your very own DIY mandala ornaments! This project promises not just gorgeous decorations, but also a peaceful crafting experience.

If you don’t know much about mandalas, they are a symbol of harmony, a visual meditation that draws the eye inward, towards its center.

In many cultures, mandalas represent the universe, an intricate balance of elements coming together in perfect unity.

What better theme for our Christmas ornaments this year than these mesmerizing patterns, embodying the spirit of unity and peace that Christmas brings?

I’m thrilled to share this journey with you, providing free mandala patterns that you can transform into stunning mandala Christmas ornaments.

Imagine these ornaments hanging from your Christmas tree, each a little universe of color and pattern, each a reflection of your creativity and the tranquil moments spent making them.

mandala christmas ornaments

Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your holiday decor or searching for a heartfelt, handmade gift, these mandala ornaments are just the thing.

Grab a cup of your favorite winter drink, cozy up in your crafting nook, and let’s embark on this creative adventure together.

With the soothing repetition of the mandala patterns and the joy of creating something by hand, this project is more than just a crafting task – it’s a way to unwind, reflect, and immerse yourself in the festive spirit.

Ready to create something truly special? Get the patterns and color choices below! If you’ve never tried a mandala before, I’d watch this video. It’s great for beginners.

Gather These Supplies

  • Ornaments
  • Craft paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Different size dowels, toothpick, pencil eraser – or dotting tools

Get the printable patterns here

Small White Ornament

You’ll need a small paper mache ball. Basecoat with FolkArt Wicker White, then dot with Bright Green and Engine Red.

The black dot in the center of the pattern is the top of the ornament. The four red dots around the center start at 1/3″ (8.5 mm).

White small paper ball mandala pattern

Blue Square Ornament

You’ll need a square glass ornament. Basecoat with FolkArt Ink Spot. The dots are combinations of Ink Spot, Licorice, and Wicker White. The large white dot in the middle is .5″ (1.27 cm).

Blues square mandala pattern

Green Large Ornament

You’ll need a large paper mache ball. Basecoat with FolkArt Bright Green, then dot with Engine Red and Wicker White. The large red dot in the center is .47″ (1.2 cm).

Green ball mandala pattern

Red Glass Ornament

You’ll need a large glass ball. Basecoat the ornament with FolkArt Engine Red and dot with Treasure Gold. The black dot in the center is the top of the ornament. The twelve dots starting around the center are .2″ (5 mm).

Red and gold paper ball mandala pattern

Wood Slice Ornament

You’ll need a wood slice surface. Paint the ornament with FolkArt Wicker White, then dot with Dove Gray, Ink Spot, Daffodil Yellow, Bright Green, and Engine Red. The largest dot in the center is around .59″ (1.5 cm).

White wood circle mandala pattern

Once you’re done with the ornaments you can leave them as is, or seal them with a clear acrylic spray sealer and let dry. Then tie on ribbons and add hooks and you’re ready to hang on the tree!

mandala ornaments

Let me know if you try these beautiful ornaments! I’d love to hear your comments. Please also check out these other ornament projects I think you’ll like: