12 DIY Gift Card Holders You’ll Love to Give

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12 DIY Gift Card Holders You'll Love to GiveI love giving and receiving gift cards. If you want my honest opinion, I don’t think they are impersonal – assuming you picked a gift card that your recipient will like! For example, don’t bother getting me a gift card to Bass Pro Shop. But I’ll take one to Starbucks. Ha! I do realize that some people feel like gift cards are a little impersonal, so I have a solution for you – add a personal touch with one of these DIY gift card holders. Fun, right? These ideas are so inspiring, and you can pick one based on what you have on hand or what supplies are easily accessible to you. Click through the slideshow to see them!


Ten Minute Holder

You can make these gift card holders in 10 minutes or less with fabric scraps and a sewing machine.

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