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DIY Benches: A Great Way to Add More Seating

Whether you are looking for some indoor or outdoor DIY benches, you have come to the right place! Get inspiration from these 20+ DIY bench projects.

DIY Benches - over 20 inspirational projects

It isn’t always easy to find exactly what you want in a furniture or thrift store. Or, you can find it but it is way out of your price range. That is when you can turn to a DIY project to get exactly what you want.

That is what we did when we made our West Elm-inspired coffee table and the outdoor table we made for my mom inspired by one from Restoration Hardware.

Inspiration for DIY Benches

We’ve also made two DIY benches inspired by ones we found in store catalogs. I’ve compiled a list of indoor and outdoor benches you can make on your own and included the two we made in the list.

I was amazed at some of the things that people think of when creating their own furniture. Old tailgate laying around? Make a bench. Crib not being used? Make a bench.

Getting a new kitchen table? Why not make a bench out of the old one? These bench ideas are all included in the list below!

As you can see, the inspiration can hit you at any time. Scroll through this list of DIY bench projects and I know you will be inspired to make a bench of your own!

DIY Benches to Make

Extra seating is always a good thing! Why not make one of these 20+ DIY benches and add more seating in your home or in the garden?

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