DIY Coasters Craft: Winter Woodland

Winter Woodland DIY Coasters CraftI love anything woodland themed. I think it’s because I really enjoy the outdoors – I do have a Forestry degree! I love these theme so much that I have a Gnome and Woodland Pinterest board where I keep all of my crafty outdoorsy inspiration. I finally took some of that woodland energy and made these DIY coasters. What happened was that I found the wood slices first at Michaels, and realized that with some easy stenciling I could turn them into winter woodland coasters in minutes. So that’s what I did. Here’s how I made them (it’s so easy!).

Gather These Supplies

IMG_2850Here’s how the wood slices come – you just unwrap the plastic and they are ready to work on right away. Love them! Of course if you had access to a real tree, you could cut your own from a branch.

IMG_2851I picked my stencils from a Martha Stewart holiday pack – and I used washi tape to hold them down. Then I used random paint colors and foam pouncers to start adding color.

IMG_2852It’s better to do several thin layers than one thick layer, because you don’t want the paint to squeeze under the stencil. Once you are done, peel up the stencil and let the coasters dry. Because I used the FolkArt Multi-Suface paint, I didn’t need to seal, but you can put a sealer on them if you want to.

DIY Coasters Craft - Winter WoodlandHere they are finished and I love them. These DIY coasters would be an awesome gift idea – especially because they only take a few minutes to make. And who doesn’t want wood slices on their table?



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