Keep Cozy: 12 Free Crochet Hat Patterns

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Keep Cozy: 12 Free Crochet Hat PatternsI have a resolution for 2014 – I WILL learn how to crochet! I see a lot of patterns for hats and other yarn goodies in my Pinterest feed and whenever I click on them they are always crocheted. I’ve tried to learn before but I never practiced . . . I need to take a class and commit, and it’s one of the things I’ve promised myself this year. I know exactly what I’m going to make after I learn – one of these 12 free crochet hat patterns. I love hats, and they seem to work up quickly (probably even more quickly than knitting), so I’m excited to get going. If you want to see the ideas I love, click through the slideshow.

Oh, and you’ll also love these 15 fall crochet patterns and 15 amigurumi patterns, so check them out!

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  • Jacki Schklar

    You are such a knitter, Amy, surprised no crochet!

  • Trea Reading

    Crochet hat for chemo.

  • Trea Reading

    Knit and crochet items

  • S Goldsberry

    I love these patterns, do you know where I might find them?

    • Amy Anderson

      Hi there! Top right corner, click through the slideshow using the blue arrows – you’ll see each project with a link to the pattern!