DIY Oscars From Ken Dolls

Make DIY Oscars from Ken dollsThis post is after the Oscars, but it was a last minute project I did for a party – so I knew it would be difficult to share in time. After showing off these DIY Oscars statues at the shindig and seeing how they were such a hit, I knew I had to share the tutorial! This Oscar craft was inspired by this post from Everyday Celebrating, and it’s so easy that it’s a little ridiculous. I had so much fun with it and even my boyfriend said “these are awesome!” Here’s how I made these Ken doll Oscar statues.

Gather These Supplies

  • Ken dolls from the thrift store – or I got mine online
  • Metallic gold spray paint
  • Wood plaques – one for each Ken doll
  • Acrylic black paint
  • FolkArt Extreme Glitter – Black
  • Strong craft glue

IMG_3380Here are my victims/future Oscars. I liked their spiffy clothes but they had to go. I was on a mission.

IMG_3394First step is to spray the Ken dolls with gold spray paint. I love the Flashdance-esque lighting in this photo. We were spraying as the sun went down! Spray paint on one side, let dry, and then flip over and do the over side.

IMG_3358Here are the wood plaques to use for the base. They aren’t round like the regular Oscar statue, but it’s okay. If you can find round, good on you.

IMG_3359Paint your plaques black with acrylic paint and let dry.

IMG_3398All Oscars need bling, and ours did too. I painted the black plaques with three coats of Extreme Glitter in black.

IMG_3401To make your Ken dolls stick on the plaque (they are weight-ier than you think!) you’ll need a pretty strong adhesive. Something more hard core than a regular glue.

IMG_3402Spread the glue on the bottom of Ken’s tootsies on place on the plaque. Hold in place for a few minutes until dry.

Ken doll oscar detailHere’s the finished plaque with the foot view . . .

DIY Oscars from Ken dollsAnd here are the DIY Oscars! Aren’t they hilarious? They make great decorations for an Oscars party, and are also perfect for using in a photo booth. You just need to prepare your winning speech and have it ready, just in case.


  1. says

    This is such a fun idea!! I don’t watch the Oscars but I would totally come to a party that had these as decor. Think of the photo ops!


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