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DIY Minion Tote That Kids Can Make!

Kids will have a great time making this Minion tote using duct tape! It’s a fun and easy craft to celebrate the Despicable Me movies.

minion tote

Who here loves the Minions? I do! Those small, yellow agents of chaos, clad in their signature blue overalls, have wiggled their way into the hearts of millions worldwide.

Their gibberish-speaking, banana-loving antics have not only defined a generation of animated comedy but also established them as icons of joy and mischief. It’s this universal appeal that makes our latest kids’ craft project – the Minion tote.

Why do kids love Minions so much? Perhaps it’s their relentless optimism, their simple joy in the silliest of activities, or maybe it’s just the fact that they’re so darn cute. Minions embody a sense of adventure and fun that resonates with children (and let’s be honest, adults too).

They remind us of the power of friendship and the beauty of seeing the world through a lens of wonder and excitement. Bringing such beloved characters into the realm of crafts offers an irresistible opportunity to engage with them beyond the screen, creating a hands-on experience that’s both memorable and incredibly fun.

despicable me tote bag

This craft is an adventure in creativity, encouraging children to think outside the box (or, in this case, outside the movie screen) and bring their favorite characters to life in a new, tangible way.

This project is a celebration of the joy and silliness that Minions represent, allowing kids to tap into their inner artists and maybe even discover a new hobby or passion.

So, why embark on this despicably delightful crafting journey? Because in a world that often takes itself too seriously, we need reminders of the joy of play, the value of laughter, and the importance of creativity.

This Minion tote is a fun, engaging activity that brings the whimsical world of Minions into our homes, encouraging kids to channel their inner inventor and explore the boundless possibilities of their imagination.

DIY minion tote

So, grab your duct tape, and let’s get started on this joyous journey together. It’s time to make something that’s not only useful but filled with the spirit of fun and friendship that Minions so perfectly embody.

First of all – here’s what you’re going to need:

Gather These Supplies

  • Yellow Duct Tape
  • Blue Duct Tape
  • White Duct Tape
  • Brown Permanent Marker
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Wax Paper
  • Scissors

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minion tote bag

Get the printable how to card for this cute project below:

Yield: 1 tote

DIY Minion Tote

minion tote

This cute Minion tote was made with a simple craft material! It's no mess, great for kids or all ages, and you can customize the size.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $2


  • Yellow Duct Tape
  • Blue Duct Tape
  • White Duct Tape


  • Brown Permanent Marker
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Wax Paper
  • Scissors


  1. Cut a strip of yellow duct tape that’s twice the width you want the purse to be. Cut another identical strip, and place it evenly on top of the first strip, so no sticky side is showing. Repeat this step.first step making the purse body
  2. Place the two non sticky strips of yellow duct tape parallel with each other. Leave a gap in the middle to place a third strip of tape, but make the gap small enough that the tape strips will overlap some. Add the third strip of tape, then flip it over and add a fourth strip, so it covers the sticky.
  3. Fold the edges in, to meet in the middle, and pinch them between your fingers. This should form an oval of sorts. Use a piece of duct tape to secure the pinched edges together.Holding the purse body together before taping
  4. Then use another piece of tape to tape it flat, so it lays down. This will be the body of your Minion. Once your tote looks like this, you’re ready to close off one end, to complete the body.
  5. Cut a strip of tape that’s about an inch longer than the width of your purse body. Lay the tape upside down on a flat surface, and place one end of the purse body on it, giving it plenty of room to overlap. Fold the edges of the tape in, then fold the flap over to seal the bottom of your purse.Taping the bottom of the purse shut
  6. Once the tote body is finished, you can add the Minion overalls. Use a single strip of blue tape along the bottom edge of the purse body for the overalls.
  7. Cut a long strip of blue duct tape, and tape it onto a sheet of wax paper. Cut the strip in half long-ways. These two strips will be your tote straps. Line them up with the top of the overalls and press them up and over the edge of the top of the purse body.Making the purse handles
  8. To make the purse handles, place two 10” strips of blue duct tape on top of each other, sticky sides together, so no sticky is showing. Cut the strip in half long-ways. Attach these to the inside of the purse, lining them up with the overall straps, using blue duct tape squares.Tape the inside of the handles
  9. Place a small strip of white duct tape on a piece of wax paper. Use the scissors to cut out a circle from the duct tape. Remove the wax paper, and place the white circle eye, in the middle of the overall straps. Use a brown permanent marker to make the iris of the eye. Wait for it to dry, then add the pupil of the eye using the black permanent marker.Before drawing on the eye

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