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IKEA Lack Table Hack: Get 25 Genius Ideas!

The Lack side table is under $10 at IKEA; If you want to try an IKEA Lack table hack of your own, you’ll love this collection of projects!

Unique Ikea Lack Table Hacks

If you are into IKEA hacks, there’s almost no better item to try than IKEA’s Lack table. At under $10 for an entire table, there’s almost no risk in purchasing one or more and trying a side table hack of your very own.

The Lack side table comes in five colors (sometimes they add a fun color just because) which gives you a lot of possibilities for projects to try.


Just because the Lack is cheap doesn’t mean you want it to look that way, right? That’s where some well planned IKEA hacks come into play – and there are tons of ways to hack the Lack side table and turn it into the home decor piece you really want. Some of these IKEA Lack hacks look a bit more upscale and others are just really fun.

Choosing an IKEA Side Table to Hack

If you take a peek at the list of IKEA end tables they have online, you can see immediately why hacking the Lack is so popular. It’s not just the fact that it’s cheap, but it’s also because the table essentially forms a large box.

The top is completely square at 21 5/8″ x 21 5/8″, while the legs are 17 3/4″ long. The fact that a Lack is (almost) square makes it really easy to stack, and very straightforward when it comes to cutting, gluing, or screwing.

I can see why an IKEA Lack hack is one of the first IKEA hacks that people try. It’s great for beginners – no expertise required except for a basic knowledge of tools!

Tools for an IKEA Lack Hack

This post shows what your Lack side table looks like inside. Basically the top has a special honeycomb type construction that means it’s not solid wood but it can still hold weight. The legs are hollow except for small pieces of particle board at the top and bottom. Now you know why the table is so lightweight!

Because the Lack isn’t solid, you’re going to want to use a finishing blade on a regular miter saw to cut the the legs. I recommend figuring out where you want your cut, marking it, and then placing a piece of painter’s tape all the way around the leg.

You’ll cover the mark but you’ll still be able to see it if you used a black marker. Cutting the leg at the tape mark gives you a clean cut and keeps any splintering from happening.

Cutting the Top of a Lack

When you cut the top, I recommend drawing your shape first – let’s use a rectangle as an example. Draw the rectangle and then drill into the four corners (doesn’t matter what size). Don’t drill down through the bottom.

Use a jig saw to connect one drilled hole to another. Again – don’t go through the bottom; only the top layer.

Use a pair of scissors or a utility knife to cut out that portion of honeycomb. Then repeat the process above on the underside, measuring so that it exactly matches the rectangle you made on the top (obviously a measuring tape will be required). Sand the cut edges to finish.

IKEA Lack Hacks

Are you ready to hack a cheap-yet-attractive IKEA side table into the DIY of your dreams? I’m excited for you to see what I pulled together; just scroll down and let me know which IKEA Lack table hack is your favorite!

IKEA Lack Table Hacks

The Lack side table is under $10 at IKEA; If you want to try an IKEA Lack table hack of your own, you'll love this collection of really unique projects!

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Sunday 16th of June 2019

Hi! Thank you for sharing these ideas. Would you have the link for the stenciled lack?


Monday 11th of June 2018

These are really cool. I just did a #diy #ikealackhack project recent. It's geared more towards photographers that do photogrammetry, but could easily make an interesting serving table too since it uses a lazy susan. Could even add some internal lighting as well.


Sunday 3rd of May 2015

Hi ! I'd like to ask you if it is possible to change the url of the ikea hack picture sending to my article about customizing an ikea lack table.

the one you're using is not available anymore :) you'd be very kind to replace it by the following url : :

Thank you very much best sophie


Sunday 3rd of May 2015

Done and thank you Sophie!