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DIY Wood Lamps That Look Amazing in Your Home

Wood lamps are classic and modern at the same time! Learn how to make a wood lamp that fits perfectly with your decor using one of these 25+ ideas.

DIY Wood Lamps That Will Look Amazing in Your Home

I recently put a reservation down on a new home. It’s crazy! We took a quick trip out the Pacific Northwest to look at homes and a neighborhood just happened to float our boat . . . so we put money down for the reservation.

It was a little scary to make such a commitment, but I will admit I got excited about one thing: decorating!

I’m going to go for a very modern feel in my new home, and one thing I want to incorporate are some lamps. Some cool wood lamps.

And I’m looking forward to building them myself! I figure I’ll save a little cash AND get the exact thing I want by doing it myself. Do you want to make your own DIY wooden lamp?

Check out the list below and let me know which lamp design is your favorite in the comments. There are some pretty cool options!

DIY Wood Lamps

Get a little inspiration from these 25+ ideas - make the DIY wood lamp of your dreams with these fantastic tutorials!

Which DIY lamp is your fave? Let me know! I’d also love for you to check out these other ideas:

Erin Taylor

Tuesday 8th of November 2016

Thanks for sharing this beautiful collection. A lot of creative decor ideas here, I can’t even choose my most favorite one. Btw, stay gorgeous and healthy !!


Wednesday 5th of October 2016

I've checked your first 10 recommendations. By far, my favorite one is number 7 (Tapered X Lamp from Others are very creative and lovely as well. Thank you for sharing, Amy.


Thursday 29th of September 2016

Thank you for the feature Amy! So many great lamp ideas :-) we feel super honored to be included. Best wishes, Annika