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Make a Cute DIY Doormat in Three Easy Steps!

Make a DIY doormat using a simple adhesive stencil and some craft paint. You can use any saying you like. This is an easy home decor DIY!

Skills Required: Beginner. This DIY isn’t difficult, but you should have some experience with acrylic paint. It’s not as easy to paint on a door mat as a flat surface.

DIY doormat

As the sun starts shining brighter and our days are spent more in the open air, the urge to refresh and beautify our living spaces naturally arises.

This feeling struck me too, particularly with the desire to rejuvenate my patio. After some gardening over the weekend, the realization hit: my doormat had seen better days, and it was time for a change.

Discovering a plain doormat at the local garden store felt like serendipity. It seemed like a blank canvas just waiting for a touch of creativity to transform it into something special.

This DIY doormat project appeared not just as a necessity but as a perfect opportunity to add a unique, welcoming touch to my entrance, signaling the arrival of spring.

DIY welcome mat

With just a stencil and some paint, you can easily customize your doormat to match the vibe of your patio or your personality. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice looking for a fun weekend activity, this project promises not just a beautiful outcome but an enjoyable process.

The aim here is not just to create something that looks good but to infuse your outdoor space with a bit of your essence. It’s a gentle nudge to anyone who’s been eyeing their front door thinking, “It’s time for a little update.”

So, why not take this as your sign to dive into a simple, yet impactful, home decor project? Let’s bring some cheer to our thresholds and make them a reflection of the beauty awaiting inside and out.

Gather These Supplies

  • Plain door mat
  • Acrylic paint – colors of your choice
  • Stencil (I made mine using my craft cutter and some sticker paper, but you could hand cut one or buy one pre-made)
  • Stencil tape (if your stencil paper isn’t adhesive)
  • Paint brushes or stencil brushes
  • Clear sealer (optional)

Thoughts On This Project

Since I used sticker paper, my stencil stayed in place really well. However, if you use a normal stencil, you will want to secure with tape so it doesn’t move around while you paint.

I recommend using outdoor or multi-surface paint as it will be the most durable. This is especially true if the mat is going to see lots of sun.

If you want to preserve the design for as long as possible, you can spray over the top of the design with a clear acrylic sealer. Look for something with UV protection if there will be lots of sun exposure.

If you see that the sprayed area remains darker (wait until it dries), then just give the entire mat a light spray. It won’t hurt the unpainted area and it will make your project look uniform.

Painted and stenciled doormat

The design doesn’t have to be complicated. And if you see the message is getting worn off? Just touch it up with paint.

how to paint a doormat

If you’re ready to begin, the tutorial is below. Now go get yourself the cutest stoop in the neighborhood!

Yield: 1 doormat

DIY Doormat

Painted and stenciled doormat

Learn how to make a painted doormat with any saying you like! It's really easy to do in a few steps.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Active Time 45 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • Plain door mat
  • Acrylic paint - colors of your choice
  • Stencil (I made mine using my craft cutter and some sticker paper, but you could hand cut one or buy one pre-made)
  • Stencil tape (if your stencil paper isn't adhesive)


  • Stencil brushes


  1. Choose the stencil you're going to use for your project. You can cut with an adhesive cutter or buy one pre-made. Also choose your paint colors.Three bottles of FolkArt acrylic paint and a paintbrush
  2. Position the stencil on the door mat and secure. If the stencil isn't adhesive, use stencil tape or adhesive stencil spray.Applying an adhesive stencil to a door mat
  3. Begin painting. Use 3 - 4 coats so that the words stand out from the background.Painting the stencil with acrylic paint
  4. Remove the stencil and let dry.Bottles of paint with a paintbrush and paint drying on the mat
  5. Use a smaller brush and the paint colors to touch up any areas. Let dry completely before to paint a doormat

Did you make this project?

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I absolutely love my new painted door mat. What projects are you doing this spring to make your outdoor spaces more fun? I’d love to hear your tips! And be sure to visit us as we blog about style, food, and the things we love over at the Pretty Life Girls.

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Tuesday 10th of January 2017

Love these! Question: is the acrylic weatherproof? It rains a LOT here in the UK!! Do you think spray-paint might be more resilient? Thanks for sharing. Totally pinned! Sue ~ The World of Suzy Homemaker


Tuesday 10th of January 2017

If it rains a lot where you are, I'd use multi-surface paint (which is good for outdoor too) or spray paint. And thank you!

Courtney Sanchez

Thursday 5th of May 2016

LOVE this idea, I totally have to make one now! I need to think of a beachy take on it!

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