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DIY Door Stop That Hangs from Your Door Knob

Jennifer shows you how to make a DIY door stop using a brick and felt. This door stopper hangs from the handle when not in use. SO smart!

Skills Required: Beginner. It’s very simple to make this door stopper – and there’s also a no-sew option for those who don’t have a sewing machine.

DIY Felted Hanging Door Stopper

Hi!  I’m Jennifer of Brave New Home. I blog about home design, decorating and create lots of fun DIY projects in the process. Today I’m creating a DIY door stop that hangs on the doorknob when not in use.

2 - materials for door stop

DIY Door Stopper

For this project you will need a brick as a weight for the doorstop. If your door isn’t too heavy, you could easily use alternative weights, such as uncooked beans.

You will also need a small piece of rug pad (or rubberized shelving liner), felt or some durable fabric, string and a glue gun. If you are good with a sewing machine, I’d suggest sewing in favor of hot gluing your project.

3 - tying brick with string

Tie your brick up. For the strings at the top that will be supporting the weight of your brick, combine several strands of string together for added strength.

4 - gluing together two pieces of felt

Create a sleeve for your brick by gluing two pieces of felt together. I probably could have used a single sheet of felt but I went with two so I had extra room just in case.

5 - slide brick into felt sleeve

Slide your brick into the felt sleeve. I added some paper on the bottom to avoid snags.

6 - doorstop instructions

Once the brick was down towards the bottom of the sleeve, I removed the paper. Then, much like wrapping a present, I closed the bottom up using hot glue. Then I hot glued a piece of rug pad for extra traction.

7 - creating the top of the doorstop

I made two holes and ran my string through. I trimmed the excess felt off then I hot glued the top in the shape of a milk carton.

8 - finished felted doorstop

Then I knotted the ends of the string.

9 - completed felted milk carton doorstop with string garland

The door stopper looked a little boring so I added some mini tassels to complete the look.

DIY Door Stop That Hangs from Your Door Knob

When not in use, the door stopper can hang from the doorknob as decoration.

12 - bottom of doorstop lined with rug pad

I use my DIY door stopper when my hands are full and I need to bring in armloads of groceries from the car.

12 - felted door stopper holding door

Yield: 1 door stop

DIY Door Stopper

DIY Door Stop Using Felt

Learn how to make a DIY door stop using a brick and felt! This hangs out of the way when you aren't using it.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 40 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Brick - small, square
  • Rug pad or rubberized shelving liner - 1 piece
  • Felt - enough to cover your brick, plus extra
  • Roll of white twine


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Sewing machine (optional)


  1. Tie the brick using the string. For the strings at the top that will support the weight, combine several strands for added strength.
  2. Create a sleeve for the brick by gluing or sewing two pieces of felt together.
  3. Slide the brick into the felt sleeve.
  4. Close the bottom end of the door stop with hot glue, trimming as necessary. Let cool and hot glue rug pad to the bottom.
  5. At the top end, make two holes and run the string through for a hanger.
  6. Trim the excess felt then hot glue the top in the shape of a milk carton.
  7. Knot the ends of the string to make the loop. Add mini tassels to the front if you like.

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