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Cool Christmas String Art (with a Free Template!)

Make this cute Christmas string art featuring a simple tree! Get a free template too – that makes this project REALLY easy. Love this unique holiday decor.

Skills Required: Intermediate Beginner. You’ll possibly need to cut a piece of wood if you can’t find one that fits the back of your frame. You’ll also be using Duck Tape and a hammer and nails, so it helps to have some prior crafting experience.

Christmas tree decor string art

I’m going to be honest – I’ve fallen in love with string art again! I’m completely aware that string art isn’t anything new and it’s been around for awhile, but no so long ago my love was renewed thanks to a class at a local place called DIY Bar Portland.

It was cool because I got to go with friends and we each got to choose the kit we wanted to complete. I chose to do octopus string art (because, duh), while another friend did a mountain and yet another made a dinosaur.

We were hooked.

I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to make string art of my own, and Christmas ended up being that time. I decided to use Duck Tape for the “peppermint” themed background, and then a little bit of their Gold Glitter type for the tree’s star.

Christmas Tree String Art

The rest is history! Actually “the rest” is this Christmas string art project.

Christmas string art

String Art on Wood

It’s important that you use at least a 1/4″ piece of wood for the background of your project, so that the nails have something to nail into.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of wood you use – pine is inexpensive, so I’d recommend that. We had a scrap piece from a previous project.

However, if I had to go out and get a piece of wood, I’d see if Lowe’s or Home Depot had a scrap I could have. Some of the stores are even nice enough to cut it for you!

String to Use

I use DMC floss from Michaels for string art. This floss is made up of six individual strands wrapped together. You will not separate the threads like you do for embroidery. You’re going to use the floss as-is.

There are a lot of other materials you could use for string art, I just happen to like all the colors that DMC floss comes in. I’d be willing to try twine, yarn, ribbon, etc. on a project, I just haven’t had a chance yet! If you try other materials, you have to share your project with me.

Are you ready to jump into the project instructions? Keep reading!

Christmas String Art

Gather These Supplies

  • White frame – 11″ x 14″
  • Wood back piece to fit your frame – at least 1/4″ thick
  • Duck Tape – Red, White, Gold Glitter
  • 100 – 120 1″ nails (make sure they have heads that can hold floss)
  • Tree pattern
  • Embroidery floss – 2 skeins of your tree color
  • Craft knife and mat
  • Scissors
  • Hammer

Before you begin, you’ll need an 11″ x 14″ frame. Use this size if you would like to do the Christmas string art the exact same way that I did. Obviously you can make your string art whatever size you like.

Cut wood to fit in a frame

Get a board at least 1/4″ thick to use for your Christmas string art. Make sure it fits your frame, with a little bit of room around all sides for wrapping Duck Tape.

Make a peppermint pattern of red and white Duck Tape

Stripe the red and white Duck Tape on the wood background, using a diagonal pattern. Butt the tape next to each other as you change colors, and fold it over the back. Repeat until the entire board is covered.

Put the wood back into the frame

Make sure that the Duck Tape board fits inside the frame. Just so you don’t finish your project, only to realize that it doesn’t fit (this isn’t my first rodeo).

String art template

Grab the free template. If you aren’t using an 11″ x 14″ frame, you’ll need to re-size it to fit.

Place your string art template on your board

Place the template down on the Duck Tape board wherever you want the tree shape to go. Remember that the template can’t go all the way to the bottom – a portion of the board will be covered by the frame, all the way around the edge.

Nail around the string art template

Stick your template down (just use double stick tape or Duck tape) and then nail around the edge of the template. There are no “rules” for the distance between nails. I’d do about 1/2″ – 3/4″ between each nail (Steve did them a little tight in the photo above).

Tear away the template when all of the nails are in place. It’s time to start wrapping!

Wrap the string on the nails

Pick a nail to start on – it doesn’t matter which you choose. Unwrap the embroidery floss and go about 1 1/2″ up the strand with your finger. Tie a knot around that nail to secure the floss to start. You can clip the excess floss off later.

Begin weaving your floss around all the nails, criss-crossing. There’s really no technique to string art in my experience; you just go back and forth. It does look better with more criss-crossing, because it fills in the area more.

The only decision you have to make is how much coverage you like. The more you wrap the thread, the more your Christmas string art will be filled in and look “solid.” It took two skeins of floss before we were happy with the effect.

Cut out the star from glitter Duck Tape

To complete the tree portion, we used the template to cut a star out of some gold glitter Duck Tape. We placed the Duck Tape down on a craft mat and used an X-Acto knife. Peel up off of the craft mat and then stick down on the wood right above the top nail.

Duck tape the back of the frame

To complete the project, simply insert the nail art portion of your craft into the frame and use Duck Tape to secure around the edges. It doesn’t matter which color you choose since no one is going to see it!

Peppermint stripe string art decor

Your Christmas string art is done and ready to display. I love how whimsical it looks. Whimsical is my favorite when it comes to Christmas! Did I mention that older kids love to join in the project action as well? My niece was excited to help tape and wrap string.

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas decor idea. If you like holiday Duck Tape projects, check out this farmhouse wooden tree. Just click on the image below (it’s really easy!):

Farmhouse Style Small Wooden Christmas Tree
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