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35+ Unique Cookie Recipes That Will Impress!

Tired of making the same old cookie recipes? Give your next bake sale or cookie exchange a wow factor with these 35+ unique cookie recipes.

unique cookie recipes

Your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe may be delicious, and always turn out the way you like, but sometimes you just want something different.

Maybe you are attending a holiday cookie exchange or raising money with a school bake sale? You definitely don’t want to show up with the same cookies that others have made.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve gathered over 35 unique cookie recipes that will be perfect for the next time you want to change up your baking routine or are looking to impress.

To make it on my list, the recipe needed to make me drool just looking at it, and/or feature some different flavor combinations or textures. Then I headed over to Pinterest. Are there already 100 recipes for this cookie? If yes, it didn’t make the list!

You’ll find cookies with different shapes. For example, one looks like a peach! You’ll also find cookies with fun ingredients like black sesame seeds, edible rose petals, mochi, and even one that is topped with a candied sage leaf.

Lace up your apron and ready your taste buds because this list is going to make you want to ditch your old recipes and start baking (and eating) now!

Unique Cookie Recipes

Be the envy of everyone at your next bake sale or cookie exchange with these 35+ recipes for unique cookies. They will definitely impress!

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