15 Easy DIY Napkin Rings

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15 Easy DIY Napkin RingsI really love napkin rings. That might be kind of a funny thing to say, but I’m not much of a party person, so napkin rings are a quick way to dress up a table (and look like you know what you are doing). And along those same lines, have you seen the prices on napkin rings? Last time I went shopping to look for some, they were $5 – $10 a piece. That’s way more of an investment than I’m willing to make! So DIY napkin rings it is – and it turns out you can make some that look way better than store bought. I found 15 ideas that I know you’ll love. Just click through the slideshow to see them!


Cookie Cutters

Use a cookie cutter as a napkin ring – and then let guests take them home after the gathering.

IMage courtesy of Olof Jakobina

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