16 Ways to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

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16 Ways to Make a Christmas Tree SkirtIf you’ve made your own tree skirt, I bow to you. It’s something that I would like to do one day! Here’s the great thing – I recently realized that I can. I was looking at some various tree skirt ideas with a friend (she is making her own this year) and I noticed that the cutest ones aren’t that hard to make. Awesome! If you are like me and intimidated by the thought of making a tree skirt, don’t be. A lot of options out there are low or no-sew, and people have gotten really creative with how to put them together. I’m very impressed! Click through the slideshow below to see 16 ways to make a Christmas tree skirt.


Huge Holly

This tree skirt uses a large holly design around the edges to make a statement.

Learn how it was done at Better Homes & Gardens

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