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Crafting Surfaces You Should ALWAYS Get Online

Trying to find good crafting surfaces? Look online! You’ll find the most selection and the best budget friendly options. Here are my top picks!

19 Crafting Surfaces You Should Get Online

I’m not an expert in everything. You won’t find me talking about microeconomics (it always bored me in college) or showing you how to split an atom (I’ve always wondered why anyone would want to do that anyway?).

But what I do have a bit of experience in is crafting surfaces. Because I’ve literally shopped for every craft supply at every store in the universe. I can pretty much tell you what to get where and what it’s going to cost you. I know my stuff.

I buy a lot in brick and mortar stores – don’t get me wrong. But I also buy a lot of crafting surfaces online.

Tip #1: I’m a proud Amazon Prime member so I can get the free shipping. You don’t have to be a Prime member to purchase these items, but it’s one of my tips to save money on your crafting surfaces.

Tip #2: buy in bulk! For example, I use a lot of mason jars and canvas so I always buy more than one at a time. Are you ready to check out my recommended crafting surfaces to get online? Here they are!

Craft Surfaces

If you want a surface to craft on, check out this list. These are the crafting surfaces I always buy online!

What are your favorite crafting supplies to buy online? Let me know in the comments!

Carol ("Mimi")

Saturday 26th of November 2016

Thanks for this post full of excellent ideas and inspiration! (so many crafts, so little time . . .)